AEON Resignation

Again I had disappeared for a long period of time and here is why:
I was so stressed from my work that it was starting to affect my mental and physical health. AEON is not for everyone. Some can handle the business and managers of their schools, others are not necessarily if you can handle it, it is more of is your school a good one. And frankly I could not deal with my school anymore nor the manager. If I had been in a different location with a better manager (which is usually the case for teachers who want to move out of their school) it would have been better. I tried to make the situation better for myself but ultimately I cannot change my manager, nor could I change how AEON was going to keep on piling more classes onto my schedule. I was already physically exhausted from standing up all the time, and dealing with coworkers who you don’t get along with whatsoever or classes that stress you out, while all the time putting a smile on your face is quite mentally exhausting.


Don’t get me wrong. Some schools are nice and it feels like your coworkers are your friends and you get along well. Others, sadly, is not that. From my training group alone there are two of us who have already quit, one who is in the process of quitting, and 3 people who will not renew after their year contract. Possibly another person who will not continue after a year, but they are still undecided. So that tells you how stressful this company can be.

They do definitely take advantage of foreigners who don’t know much about Japan and do force a lot of work on you. One of my colleagues has now realized how much they do not care about your health. Let me explain:

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AEON Training

First written on: Thursday June 25, 2015

Hello fellow readers.

Last time I left you right before I was starting to work with AEON. Which was even before training started and before I completely moved out of my LeoPalace in Minokamo, Gifu. Now I bring you a new me with more knowledge on the AEON work.

Just to restate, I am stationed in Adachi prefecture in Kita-Senju. With any job they have their good and bad points that range from just your location to the company as a whole. But let me go back to training.


The good ol’ training days:
Back in the good ol’ training days, we stayed at the Omiya training house (which was like a dorm situation), started “training” at around 12 (having to be at the main room by 11:45am.), had our lunch break, continued training and then prepared for the next day right afterwards. It was extremely convenient because we don’t have to take a train to go anywhere for training, you’re staying right there (or unless you stay at the ‘mansion’ which is another location they have if the training group ends up being too big which was our case), and you could always go back to your room in case you forgot something. 

The reason why I call it the good ol’ training days is because of the simple following:
1)  you’re learning hence you get to sit down most of the time
2)  you don’t have any stress unless it’s for prepping or being nervous about something new
3)  you do have plenty of time to relax
4)  as well as great training partners that you will meet and bond with.

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Hello fellow readers and bloggers.

I’ve come back yet again with more news about AEON. Not so long ago, I sent my contract signed to them and after that they just told me to sit back and wait for the next time they have news for me. That was around. . . 2 weeks ago? Around 2 weeks?  

Anyways, today I received an email from them telling me to read a PDF file on how to prepare for the initial training.

Short Version: You read a PDF file, and answer some questions in a separate sheet they have sent in that same email that contains the PDF. Then you send that questions worksheet over to the trainers via email. They also ask that you have an extra copy with you in hand once you get to training. (I have to print it in the Elementary school as I’m not allowed to use anything in the Jr. High School that’s not related to school. Yes. That even includes making copies of my residence card in order to make a new one that won’t expire. How that doesn’t relate to my work and how she doesn’t see that connection, is far below my intelligence capacity to understand).

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AEON Apartments

So here’s the gist on AEON apartments. And I’m slowly learning this as I ask other people, and also based on what I asked before I signed the contract.

AEON rents out different apartments that are close to their offices, for teachers use. And when you contract with a location, you get the apartment that is designated for that location. Although you get more of the specifics during training.

I also found out that the person whose position you will replace, is still working there while you are in training and you get a chance to talk with them. I’m not sure how MUCH talking we will get, but this would be a great time to talk to them about why they are leaving and just about students and where they are at English wize. But they’re still living in that apartment that you will be moving into. Hence why you don’t see the apartment until you start working. (Or at least that’s what I know so far.)

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Signing With AEON

February 8th 2015

Got my package yesterday. Apparently they send it through another delivery service that isn’t the post office. I guess here they have privatized delivery services? So it was a little bit of a hassle to call yet again and wait for it to come, but it came, and not it’s in my hands.

Basically the package comes with your:

  • Foreign Teachers’ Policy Manual
  • Contract
  • Agreement Contract (basically saying you agree with the policy manual, using bicycles in Japan, importing and exporting dangerous goods, and that you’ll stay in the Aeon apartment)
  • Advertising Agreement (they take pictures inside the school and post it on their websites for their customers to see. Here’s an example. And they just want you to make sure you’re aware of it and agree to have pictures taken of you.)
  • a paper summarizing your job responsibilities
  • and 3 papers regarding their dress code (though a simple list would have worked out just fine for me)

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