Where many stories come together, and celebrate their good qualities and bad. Enter the world where relationships are made and broken, healed and shattered. A world where villains, heroes, side characters and much more live in the same place.
Every page is filled with laughter as well as tears once we look inside the stories of people who are just like us, and move our hearts. We are not alone, for there are others who share our smiles and tears in one way for better or worse.
Every story will be known.
Every person will be known.
Every detail will be revealed,
down to the last one.


      I will take you into the stories I keep watch on and the characters that come with them.
Whether it be in movies, dramas, anime or TV shows. Links will also be provided.
      NOTE: This is for personal use only. Please do not post this information in major websites such as Google, Yahoo, Social Network sites, etc… These act will terminate the hard efforts of others who provide subtitles out of their personal time, and will be even harder to find. Even pressing the button “Like”, is also not recommended. If you want to support the creators, please buy the product from local stores near you, or ask your friends if you don’t know where to look. I do not have any ownership or rights to the copyrights of this information. This is only for personal entertainment use.


Another thing that drives us all and brings us together: music. Its very nature has mesmerized us all into a state of freelance with no worries. Music is something to feel good about, to give us hope when we have almost none left, to give us an atmosphere of goodness in our homes, with our families and friends. Music shapes our own nature into something completely different yet the same. I want to show you what music can do for you, and everyone around you. To inspire you to do goodness.
Find all songs, artwork, and movies, that I enjoy that may spark an interest in you. I invite any suggestions, requests, or questions you may have. I have to make this clear (regarding music): I am limited to korean, japanese, and chinese music. Although I cannot guarantee that I have access to everything. If I did, I probably wouldn’t tell you…I only do this for my own time, and would like to share it with you.

NOTE: I do have a life, so please wait for a response from me. I assure you that I will get back to you. ^^


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