JP Studies

Our world is rich in many languages, and what better way to spend our time than translating. This is simply one of the many things I do on my free time. Learning a language opens so many windows to other possibilities. I always imagine how I can read newspapers from different countries, and see different points of view, notice what is most emphasized, and how the information changes.

Novels, magazines, folk tales, language books, children’s books. You name it. I’ve even look at the back of a tissue box here in Japan. Someone needs to know how to use it right? All of these things, I believe gives us a different perspective of our lives, and I want to share that with others. So that your minds can expand from the confinements of your own culture and peak into another. Of course, certain moods and meanings are always lost in translations, but this is because many of us are interpreting at the same time.

I’ll be working mainly on Japanese-English translations, and will provide you with: literal translations and “natural-sounding” translations (so you see how the meaning is changed and or lost), cultural explanations if necessary, vocabulary lists (because I know it’s just annoying to search it myself sometimes. Yeah. I’ll admit it. I have those moments where I just want to know but I don’t feel like doing any work to find it myself. Don’t we all?), and visuals (because it makes things more fun and pretty to look at. And it makes you want to read it).

I will also share with you my study notes as well as my own essays, though they may not be perfect as I am learning with you. 🙂

*That’s one thing I never understood about ‘adult’ books. We all enjoy pictures no matter our age, so let’s put some illustrations here and there. Captivate me with words AND visuals.

So take a peek. :)❤️


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