About Me

Hello Readers.

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Date of Birth: 19 December
Place of Birth: Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Sign: Horse / Sagittarius
Eye/Hair Color: Brown
Shoe Size: 9.5 or 10 (US), 25.5-26.0 (CM)
[Yes, I have big feet in general…]
Strengths: organized, hand-eye coordination, drawing skills, multi-lingual, ignoring idiocracy
Weaknesses: bluntness, and very clumsy (resulting in the appearance of  unexplainable bruises)
Other Sites: www.soranisasayaku.deviantart.com

Life Goals: enjoy my happiness, hopefully have an international job (as long as it is in Japan)

Languages: Spanish, Music, English, Japanese, little Korean (in the order I have learned)
Favorite Hobbies: reading,
watching movies (no matter what language. as long as there are subtitles),
drawing, sleeping, and studying languages/cultures
Traveled to: Mexico, US, Bahamas, Japan

This is me in a short summary.
My name is Llesi (pronounced like Jessi), and I graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Japanese Studies. Afterwards, I received my TEFL certificate at the International TEFL Academy (also in Chicago), and I am currently working in Japan in education.

No I am not one of those Japanese fans, as I do have things I dislike about Japan. Although I do have a strong passion for Japanese language and increasing my own strengths so that I can utilize multiple languages in my work and everyday life.

While I do have a passion in education, I have been thinking that my hobbies should not just be a hobby and should instead become my work. Right? So this is me, making that possible, and hope that it will inspire you as well.

I would also like to know about you. So if you like my blog, and want to contact me and share something, etc, feel free to contact me.