Hello and welcome to my blog.

I have had this blog open for quite some time but I never actually did anything with it. At first it acted as a way for me to slowly transfer from Blogspot to WordPress, but even that was too much for me at first. I’m not a computer person, wordpress is not easy at first, and I just didn’t have a lot of material to cover y’know?

But that’s changed now. I’m teaching (main job), blogging, translating, studying, and drawing. And one page on blogspot just doesn’t do it for me anymore. It’s user-friendly but limited in its functions and what it can provide. So you’re going to see a lot of changes soon, and hopefully you’ll stick around to see them.

In other words, this site is under constructions as I have to make my own header and not copy one from San-X (even though I’m in love with Sumikkogurashi), update my other sides for my artwork and blog, and put all those lovely things in here while I keep my main job. 😀

Omygosh that sounds way easier than what it is . TT_TT


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