Holidays Approaching

Hello again world.

We are quickly approaching the oh so grateful holiday of christmas.
In Japan.

Which isn’t seen the same way, but what the hell. I’m in a country where most people don’t really belong to any specific religion other than conformity and that’s fine with me. I’ve taken the day off on the 25th (because I can do that now muahaha), and just gonna sleep in and hopefully find some goodies at the Kaldi store. I’ve been dreaming of my christmas with eggnog and oatmeal and banana nut bread. Oh! And some flan also! My mom makes some awesome flan!

But for the moment I will have my JLPT test on the 6th of this week. I’ll be taking N3, which I totally do NOT feel prepared for at all. . . And the week after that I’ll be moving to my new apartment. It will be in Toshima-ku; very close to Ikebukuro station. I’m actually proud that I finally got my own place even though my salary only covers the bare necessities. Basically I’m really poor but I can still hold myself together.

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If you were a superhero

If you were a superhero what would be your kryptonite? Why?Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 7.53.50 PM

    Maybe my kryptonite would be those that I care about, like my love and family. Because I would do anything to keep them safe and away from harm. So I guess keeping my identity a secret would be extremely important. As for the why part? I think I have in some way answered that but I will elaborate.

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今の勉強してるテーマを考えて、何のために勉強してるのかを書いてください。Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.49.38 PM


Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.53.38 PM

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New Job Changes

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.40.30 PMYesterday was my first day at this new part time job, which by the way, I am now working at b私の英会話. They have a few locations so far in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, and Yokohama. It seems like a really nice job so far and way more relaxing than AEON ever could be (unless they made some drastic changes). For example:

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AEON Resignation

Again I had disappeared for a long period of time and here is why:
I was so stressed from my work that it was starting to affect my mental and physical health. AEON is not for everyone. Some can handle the business and managers of their schools, others are not necessarily if you can handle it, it is more of is your school a good one. And frankly I could not deal with my school anymore nor the manager. If I had been in a different location with a better manager (which is usually the case for teachers who want to move out of their school) it would have been better. I tried to make the situation better for myself but ultimately I cannot change my manager, nor could I change how AEON was going to keep on piling more classes onto my schedule. I was already physically exhausted from standing up all the time, and dealing with coworkers who you don’t get along with whatsoever or classes that stress you out, while all the time putting a smile on your face is quite mentally exhausting.


Don’t get me wrong. Some schools are nice and it feels like your coworkers are your friends and you get along well. Others, sadly, is not that. From my training group alone there are two of us who have already quit, one who is in the process of quitting, and 3 people who will not renew after their year contract. Possibly another person who will not continue after a year, but they are still undecided. So that tells you how stressful this company can be.

They do definitely take advantage of foreigners who don’t know much about Japan and do force a lot of work on you. One of my colleagues has now realized how much they do not care about your health. Let me explain:

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