PJ1D1: There is, There are

PJ1D1 : There is and There are with countable nouns 数えられる名詞

There is a/an + adjective + 1 countable noun + at place / in location / on street.
There is an upscale hotel across the street.
There is a Hello Kitty store in Ikebukuro.

There are + adjective + 2 or more countable nouns + place
There are lots of stationery stores in Japan.
There are many Sekai no Yamachans in Tokyo.

There isn’t/aren’t any + adjective + noun + place
Are there any + adjective + noun + place ?

Where are Belle and Katie today? the Big Apple
What kind of shops does Belle like?
What kind of shops and restaurants do you like?

There is … … in Tokyo.
There are … … near my house.
There aren’t any … … in my hometown.


Tell what there is in the following places: Japan, Tokyo, your neighbourhood, on the table, your bag.

★ Introduce a city or other area to your partner. What is there? What can you do? How much does it cost (expensive or cheap)? Please connect sentences with transitions (for example, actually, also, so, because, and, etc..)
For example; There is a new karaoke place in Shibuya in the Modi building. There are other shopping stores in Modi also. Actually, there is also a Starbucks and a pancake shop in the Modi building, so you can buy a Starbucks coffee and go to karaoke. It isn’t too expensive, and it’s very fun!

Introduce interesting shops and restaurants special to Japan. Then introduce shops/restaurants in other countries.
Ex: There are many gellato stands in Italy.