Originally Posted on the 17th of June 2013
for Screenwriting Class
Here is an epitaph and character bio I had to write for screenwriting class. I hope it wasn’t too fancy or dull:

    I grew up in the Chicago area, so for the most part I have gone to private schools. My parents felt it was a better decision than going to Chicago public schools. Most of my peers were white, stuck up kids who felt proud of their knowledge, but that isn’t being sincere. I stayed away from them and kept to my own business. At some point, I met other people in my school like me. Quiet and out of the way. We didn’t do any sports, unless you consider playing Halo and World of Warcraft a sport, then yes. We did play sports. At some point, I had failed my geometry class because I was too into World of Warcraft, so I had to re-do the class during the summer time. Now I just stick to first-person shooter games and not RPG’s. Those RPG’s tend to take a lot of your time. And I didn’t want to fail another class. Luckily my parents never found out. Or at least they never talked about it if they did find out. . .

    Even though it was quiet and gentle, those days are my favorite. I am an old man now and feel blessed to be with the special person just for me, who has also added much happiness to my life. And I am also still very fond of my youthful days where there were no thoughts or worries about the future. Literally we lived in the moment, not really giving a thought about what would happen next week or even the day after tomorrow.

    Looking back at it now feels completely different. To everyone else we were considered the ‘nerds’ of the time. Now it is a daily part of life to play video games for everyone; the young, the old, the men, the women, the young girls, etc, and I am proud to have brought my company and success and be able to share it with the world what it feels like to enter into another dimension. As an old man, I may not have the physical strength nor the vision I had once had to play, but I guarantee that my legacy will live on. To my darling wife, I thank you for helping me and guiding me into the person I have become today.


     Soft and gently, my legacy will live on through my children of tomorrow.


5000 Questions Part 31

Originally Posted on 2nd of July 2013
Nice to write today. ^^

The weather is ok. Sky is covered in clouds but no rain yet. Nice and warm/humid. Everything is going fine. (Finally have enough sleep in my body to stay awake.)

2901. have you ever written a letter to:
a friend: yes
a lover: no
a celebrity: no
congress/house/reps: no
the president/leader of your country: no

2902. Why are cigarette companies allowed to manufacture and sell cigarettes when they are so unhealthy and dangerous? They are getting rich on the deaths of the people you love who smoke.
because people buy them…?

2903. Do you chat with people in an elevator?
sometimes yes. most times no because it can become a little awkward. XD

2904. What’s your favorite Jack Nicholson movie?

2905. Who should play the part of Superman?
it should totally be me 😛

2906. Do you like when your friends and your mate’s friends hang out?
sure why not? the more friends the better

2907. Doritos or Cheetos?
cheetos. although i haven’t had either one in a really long time

2910. Do you brush your teeth three times a day?
my usual is twice. somedays it can be more. i carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with me because sometimes i am in school until 9pm and can feel very long, and so i just wash my face and brush my teeth so that i can refresh myself. ^^ yea i carry shiseido wipes too. ^^

2911. Should I stop making questions with multiple parts and just count each actual question as a question?
you should keep doing what you’re doing

2912. What gives your ego a boost?

2913. What knocks your ego down?

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5000 Questions Part 30

Originally Posted on the 23rd of June 2013, 9:27pm-ish
23日6月2013年 21:27時っぽいってポストした

2801. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. But what was the question?
i forgot. . .
2802. Suggest three new diary circles that you would find interesting:
language, dance mob, running
2803. Buttons or Knobs?

  1. What is a juggalo?
  2. Are you a fan of Crass?

  3. If you were going to write a short note to yourself and then put it away and read it in ten years, what would it say?
    i wonder who you are with

  4. When someone does something that is wrong do you believe that they know in their hearts that they are wrong but they push it down into their subconcious and rationalize away their guilt?
    if you know its wrong, then you know its wrong but some people do it anyway
    When have you done this (if you say never then you are doing it right now)?
    ive never done that

  5. How can a person have sex with someone they don’t love?
    by taking your clothes off
    Have YOU ever?

  6. What are the paradoxes in your head (that is when you believe two conflicting things to be true)?
    what is a paradox?

  7. What does each set of two words suggest to you?
    pale gravity:
    weird gravity
    little mornings:
    short morning time
    spiritual machines:
    religious robot
    eccentric being:
    crazy person
    pray attention:
    yellow lectures:
    lecture notes in yellow

  8. What movie would be AWESOME in 3D?
    i dont really like 3D. . . it’s kinda pointless

  9. Why is it important to write and think clearly?
    cuz if no then you can’t be understood

  10. A girl and her boyfriend are hanging out. It is obvious they are together. Another guy schmoozes between them and starts hitting on the girl. The boyfriend tells this guy to back off. The guy just keeps bothering the girl.
    Do you think the boyfriend would be justified in hitting this intrusive guy?

A girl and her boyfriend are hanging out. It is obvious they are together. Another GIRL(lesbian) schmoozes between them and starts hitting on the first girl. The boyfriend tells this girl to back off. The girl just keeps bothering the first girl.
Do you think the boyfriend would be justified in hitting this intrusive girl?

  1. What do you think of the name Prue?

  2. What would you spend your last dollar on?
    a plain ticket

  3. Have you ever won an ebay auction?
    If yes for what?

  4. Would you like it if Blockuster had a drivethrough??
    they closed already. . .

  5. When was the last time you taught someone somthing and what was it?
    a few days ago. a word in spanish

  6. Why do adults and teens not understand each other?
    american culture complicates this. . .?

  7. Are you afraid?

  8. Do you trust large drug corporations?
    not always
    Do you trust the Food and Drug administration?

  9. If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?
    Do you define sound as sound waves or as the reaction between the soundwaves and your ears?
    aaaah. . . .

  10. Who is full of shit?
    many people

  11. Four of the five senses are routed through a special area to the brain. One sense goes right to the brain and so is a powerful sense involved with memory and emotion. Which sense do you feel this is?

  12. Are you on a ship of fools or a carousel?

  13. What is your bathing suit like?
    2 piece. black and bottom look like mini skirt with black/pink checker pattern

  14. Whose line is it, anyway?
    not mine

  15. Are you more likely to answer a signed in note or a nsi note?
    a what?

  16. To be or not to be. That is the question. What is the answer?
    to pee

  17. Does beauty exist as a defineable standard or is beauty in the eyes of the beholder?
    in eyes of beholder
    Why do you think it is that so many people have the same idea of who and what is beautiful?
    im not sure. i wonder if its evolutionary
    Where do your standards for judgeing beauty come from?

  18. Would a war with Iraq help or harm american economy?

  19. What is the first thing you would do if you saw a nuclear explosion in the distance?
    be shocked

  20. Would you like to be cryogenically frozen?
    im not sure. i would have to think about it……would i be alone? if so then no

  21. Think of the person you love the most. Would you be willing to murder a stranger in order to save that person’s life? Why or why not?
    i could never murder a stranger. . .

  22. Imagine no possetions. I wonder if you can?
    yup. i can

  23. How messed up is:
    your hair?
    not at all
    your room?
    a bit……because i made a mess during finals
    your car?
    your life?
    a little sometimes

  24. What are you running out of?

  25. What do you live for?

  26. How did you decide it was worth living for?
    because it just seemed like a natural choice

  27. Do you consider some people to be too:
    stuck up?

  28. By what criteria do you judge others?
    the personality they show me. this is why its a good thing to appear younger than what i am because they show me who they are really

  29. Do you look at people’s words and actions or the underlying reasons for those words and actions?
    i look at actions more

  30. Which would you rather collect:
    simpsons action figures?
    kiss gear?
    anything with a smiley?
    horror movies?
    none of these. if you knew me you would know i dont like scarry movies >< 怖いじゃん! maybe if my friend really really REALLY wanted to watch a scary movie then MAYBE i could sit and watch with them for a few minutes. . .

  31. Do you fight for your rights?
    i know i have them already. i act the way i want according to sotuation

  32. Would you rather be a construction worker or a crossing guard?
    hmmm… i would like to try a construction worker. crossing seems too boring

  33. What is enought o satisfy you in life?

  34. Do you think you have more, less, or average life experiance for your age?

  35. Why go to college?
    Have you considered joining a cult instead?

  36. What’s the last lie you told?
    i cant remember

2851. What celebrity has the sexiest voice of

Kimura Takuya :DDD and many many many many others ^^ like matsumoto jun, とかとか it’s not that i only like asian guys. its just that ive been watching mostly japanese/korean dramas and movies more than american movies so at the moment i know less american actors

2852. You are having a party and can invite three celebrities of your choice. The WILL come. Who do you invite?
omg!!!!! nose bleed!!!!!!! XD it would be a mixture of korean and japanese actors and johny deep

2853. Where did you come from?
my mam
Where are you now?
in futon hugging my pillow. i like hugging things when i sleep . . . .
Where are you going?
to sleep soon

2854. What would you imagine the playboy mansion is like?
dark or pink inside. i dunno the fart is pretty old so his tastes in interior design may be old too?

2855. Do you blow your nose loudly in public?

2856. Do you help others every day?
if i could sure. i like helping as long as thry dont take advantage of it

2857. Bono or Chris Tucker?

2858. Is it lonely being alone in your head?
no ^^

2859. What is the worst poverty you have ever seen?
hmmm. . .in DC

2860. Has anyone ever told you that more than 2 billion people live on less than two dollars a day?
What do you think of that?
statistics always change

2861. Add a sentance to the story:

Once upon a time there was a man named Arthur and he was brushing his teeth when all of a sudden he saw a bright rainbow utside. So he goes out the back door to take a look and he finds an elf who says

“do you mind giving me your teeth?”.

2862. Be honest.. do you generally listen or wait for your turn to talk?
both. i really dont like interupting people. i realized once i got back from Kyoto that in US its more normal to interrupt.

2863. How many fingers do you type with?

2864. What does ‘you think you know but you have no idea’ mean? Where did it come from as a common phrase?
i dont know where it came from. this sounds like a regular part of speech to me

2865. Do you think it’s important to give up liberties in order to protect freedom?

2866. Do you think George Bush was elected in a legal way?
maybe he fucked someone

2867. Imagine you were dying of a disease…you only had a certain amount of time left with your mte, parents or children. What would you leave behind for them to remember you by?
my love
How would you feel if there were drugs to help you live, only you couldn’t afford them?
id steal them
How would you feel if people were trying to sell you the drugs at a lower cost but the drug companies made sure they couldn’t because that would cut their profits?
id kill them
This senario is going on Right Now.The country is Africa. The disease is aids. The drug is azp (and others). The people are Africans who are very poor and have aids. The large drug corporations won’t sell the drugs at a price they can afford or allow smaller companies to either. Is this acceptable?
What are you going to do about it?

2868. Would you ever BUY a new ring for your cell phone that plays a couple of notes of your favorite song?

2869. What has completely moved you?
certain stories

2870. If for your next birthday you had a novelty kids birthday party what games would you play at it?
twister! ! ! im the master of twister ! yea baby!

2871. How can you keep open toed sandles from rubbing against your toes and making them blistered and raw?
wear lotion? im not sure. that hasn’t happened to me

2872. What happens to socks when they disappear in the drier?
i duno! ! ! its a mystery no?!

2873. What is the quality of humanity all about?

2874. True or false – All homophobes are inherently evil.:
tralse ;P

2875. Is there anything, besides love, that money can’t buy?

2876. How is your soul?
i think its fine?

2877. What are you committed to?
life goal

2879. Are you photogenic?
not really

2880. Can you define these words off the top of your head as if you were talking to someone who didn’t know what they were?

2881. Why aren’t you naked (or are you)?
im pretty naked lol. cuz i sleep in underwear. but that still isnt entirely naked i guess

2882. Do you think anoyone is all good or all evil?
people are jus people

2883. Go outside a sec. how many animals are in your yard?
Did you count yourself?
why or why not?
because there are none

2884. What household appliance drags you down?
vacum cleaners. . . they seem so pointless

2885. try this..write a list of six possibilities of things you could do after you are off the computer. Make sure that at lease ONE thing is something you would be unlikely to ever do.
1. have one night stand
2. sleep
3. dream
4. fall off futon or hang halfway
5. get a txt
6. reply to txt

Now grab a dice (if you have none ask someone to pick a number between 1 and 6) and decide what you will do by flipping it. Then do it!

2886. Which of the following doesn’t belong with the others and why?
a. garden
b. love
c. magazine
d. death
hmmm . . . i pick magazine

2887. How old are you?
What age do you feel mentally?
i duno

2888. Who do you think is more wise:
your mailman or a person who has been living on the streets for 12 years?
they could both be wise in different ways ^^

2889. Do you kiss on the first date?
there’s nothing wrong with it, but i dont know because i may be shy on a first date to kiss the person

2890. Would you ever want to be on:
a dating show(which)?
aaah not really
a game show(which)?
probably a japanese variety show. they seem fun and funny ^^
the news(why)?
no. cuz its boring

2891. How much money would it take to get you to:
strip to nuthing but a bright orange thong (for guys, orange thongs an string bikini top for girls)and wrestle another person of the same sex in a thong in a pool of jello?
i would ask in the thousands as my pay check – per day
participate in a contest where you drink alcohol as fast as you can until you puke?
same as last question
sit absolutely still for 2 hours, in nothing but a towel, covered in plaster of paris?
same as last question
Walk around at your school in bondage gear asking people to spank you on the ass with a huge dead octopus tenticle?
i might as well do that for free jajajaja
pick your nose and eat it?
smash potatoes with your head?
im not that strong

2892. Who deserves an appology?
i duno

2893. What wins the award as stupidst lyric you can think of?

2894. Where do you most like to be massaged?
shoulders and back

2895. Is your face clear?
yes. thanks to shiseido

2896. Finish this phrase in a humorous way.. Friends don’t let friends…
puke on each other

2897. What present would you bring to the birthday party of an aquaintance?
if its an aquaintance probably something edable

2898. Is your game on?

2899. What would a song for the deaf be like?
would it even be a song in the way we know what a song is?
How about a painting for the blind?
i’m not sure

2900. What is a sure-fire way to get noticed?

run around naked in a public and busy area

5000 Questions Part 29

Originally posted on the 23rd of June 2013, 12:27pm-ish

2701. What does ‘equal’ mean?
not odd, but even

  1. Do you believe in the phrase ‘all men are created equal’?
    What about woman?
    no one is equal. what the fuck are you talking about?!?!?!!! XDDDD
  2. Have all persons been specifically ‘created’?
    nope 😛 we share a lot of similar genetic traits actually. like i learned that my mtDNA history goes 1)an old inca mummy 2) some native american group 3) mongolia 4) bali, indonesia, and then after that i share even less and less mtDNA with other groups. i totally did this in my genetics class in high school, and it was totally fun!!! OH! and we saved some of our DNA in necklaces. totally legit stuff. i still have the necklace, just in case something happens to me and i need a clone that would be my identical “17/18 year old self”.

  3. Are all persons exactly equal?

  4. Or do they just have equal rights (in theory)?
    ugh. . . .

  5. Does art reflect society or does society reflect art?

  6. Are you living under a little black raincloud or a ray of sunshine?
    i am living under a majestic-as-fuck-rainbow hunny!

  7. What do you wonder about?
    many many many things

  8. What is better..being single and free or being in love and responsible to another person?
    even when you are single you still need to be responsible over someone else

  9. What vitamins do you take?

  10. In checkers..red or black?

  11. Is The Crow a great movie?
    i’ve never seen it

  12. Do you wear all black frequently?
    no. i used to. i like variety

  13. Do you ever call yourself a poet, artist, or musician?
    Has your writing been published, your art been hung in a gallery or your band been signed?
    Does it matter?
    1: nope, i just like drawing, 2: in school yes, although i was disappointed i didn’t get “artistic student” award >__> 3: no not really. but at the time i was disappointed.

  14. When insects get into your house, do you kill them or catch them and take them ouside or leave them alone and let them live with you?
    i catch them and put them outside. . . unless its big then i get scared and want someone else to do it XD

  15. Name at least one person who’s birthday is in:
    May- 兄、兄の友達Idaris
    July-ムチちゃん (its actually on 七夕 ! )
    Nov- お母ちゃん
    Dec- me

  16. Do we start to die the day we are born or start to live the day we die?
    the first one

  17. Have you ever called your mom or dad a four letter word?

  18. Do you believe america should go to war with iraq?
    no. they meddle in other people’s business too many times.

  19. Agree or disagree?
    “There is too much concern in courts for the rights of criminals.” Agree
    “Abortion should be legal.” It is legal. what are you talking about? its my vagina! i’ll do whatever i want with it.
    “The death penalty should be abolished.” Disagree
    “Marijuana should be legalized.” i dont agree or disagree. . .its just a plant jajajaja XD if you use it in shampoo it actually makes you hair really nice
    “It is important to have laws prohibiting homosexual relationships.” no i disagree
    “The federal government should do more to control the sale of handguns.” yup. i think we should have gun law/control like japan does
    “Racial discrimination is no longer a major problem in America.” disagree. maybe not legally but people still are racist
    “Wealthy people should pay a larger share of taxes than they do now.” totally agree
    “Colleges should prohibit racist/sexist speech on campus.” agree
    “Same-sex couples should have the right to legal marital status.” agree
    “Affirmative action in college admissions should be abolished.” what?
    “The activities of married women are best confined to the home and family.” activities of women are none of your business 😛
    “People should not obey laws which violate their personal values.” agree but also disagree
    “Federal military spending should be increased.” very very very disagree. US military is already huge and have bases all around the world. they should put these bases only in US or something and fix their own problems.
    “Realistically, an individual can do little to bring about changes in our society.” agree and disagree

  20. Let’s say that after you die you become a spirit and you join all the other spirits. Not all of them have lived. You are talking to some who have never lived about how you HAVE lived. One of the spirits who has never lived says they think they will travel to earth in a human body soon and live. They ask you what three things on Earth should I be sure not to miss? You say…

  21. going to the beach
  22. eating various cultural food
  23. kissing someone

  24. What kind of ass is the sexiest (flat, round, tight, hard, meaty, juicy, small, big, stacked, packed, petite, barely there, curvey, muscular, etc.)?
    round, tight, muscular or actually doesnt have to be muscular. butts are butts. it’s kind of boring when men wear pants that are too baggy because then i can’t see. 😛

  25. Is there something beautiful and special about everyone?
    If yes is there something beautiful and special about Hitler? no he was just stupid
    How about Bin Laden? equally stupid

  26. Have you ever moshed? no what is that?

  27. Do you like sushi?
    yes. particularly maki sushi. but not california style that much because it hides the seaweed flavor.

  28. What mood are you in?  a good one
    What does your mood depend on? what happens in the day
    What depends on your mood? didn’t you just ask me that?

  29. wHAT IS faith? i dunno
    what is common sense? hmm. . .common knowledge
    Do you have either or both of them? i have common sense

  30. Is perfection or imperfection more beautiful?
    there is no perfection. therefore there is no imperfection. i just like it how it is.

  31. Would you think a person doing the following things has a healthy or unhealthy level of insanity?
    gives the finger while driving? 

tells their life story to people they just met?

not very healthy. . .
walks up to people and tried to convert them to a religion?

unhealthy. i really hate that.
says blah?


  1. Do you think this is a great line of poetry? why or why not?:
    “Journey with me into the mind of a maniac. Doomed to be a killer since I came out the nutsac”
    i’m confused. . .

  • Do you think that song lyrics are poems with music?
    sometimes it can be. other times its just good beats. sometimes music doesn’t need lyrics

  • In cases of rape which do you think is more of a crime, a stranger rapes a girl OR a girl’s boyfriend rapes her?

  • both. women are majestic as fuck and should not be treated as such

    1. Did you know that in the USA it is considered to be LESS of a crime if a rapist knows the victim (because it is ‘less of a crime’ the rapist gets a less severe punishment)? Do you agree or disagree and why?
      i disagree with this. rape is rape

    2735. In the USA aa few weeks ago a guy had beaten up and raped his girlfriend, for which he got 70 days of community service. He had been found guilty, got a year and a half of jail, BUT can you guess why his sentence was reduced to mere community service? He had a steady job. That’s right. He was found less guilty, because he had a long-term steady job.How does this make you feel?
    i think someone should have raped him. another man in jail specifically. that situation would never happen in Puerto Rico. doing anything wrong with women and children is the highest offense anyone could do. you can have fight with people, steal, rob, but doing anything wrong with women and children is REALLY not tolerated. did you know? there was a guy that raped a woman and he went to jail for it, and the story goes that inmates raped him multiple times and cut his body into little pieces and flushed them down the toilet or put it in huge garbage bins because his body was never found. everyone knows this story. ya. don’t mess with me.

    1. Does the character limit of notes or entries annoy you more?
      no ^^


  • Have you ever been trapped in an elevator?

  • What is more important, tact or honesty?

  • Do you have a mentor? Who?
    yes. stephen in florida. he helps me with animation and art stuff for when i am in florida.

  • If you like guys:
    would you rather have a ‘bad’ guy (motorcycles, smokes, drinks, etc) or a ‘good’ guy (family, domesticated, nice guy)? 

  • i would want a ‘good’ guy from these options you gave me. i wouldn’t feel comfortable introducing a ‘bad’ guy like you say to my family members. . .

    Would you rather have a virgin or a more experianced guy?

    1. Do you feel nervous in crowds?
      no ^^ i actually like crowds

  • Did you write a real entry today? yes
    What about? about train man and Kimura Takuya and Mokomichi Omote

  • Was it your best writing?
    i think i have no best writing >_<”’

    1. Do you like to play the lottery?

  • Guess what?

  • Why did you choose to live one more day?
    because there is someone that has captured my interest ///^^///

  • What is the most beautiful myth you have ever read/heard?
    o cant remember the name but its some super old japanese tale

  • Have you ever been stood up?
    yup. kinda pissed me off but whatever. their loss.

  • 2750. Finish the following sentences any way you want:
    It’s always darkest before..

    you wake up
    Never underestimate the power of..
    of vaginas
    Don’t bite the hand that..
    has poison ivy
    A miss is as good as a..
    another miss?
    If you lie down with dogs, you..
    fall asleep
    Love all, trust..
    only some
    The pen is mightier than..
    the pencil. XD
    An idle mind is..
    a mind with no thoughts
    Where there is smoke, there’s..
    Happy is the bride who..
    marries a gentle man
    Two is company, three’s..
    is a group
    None are so blind as..
    You get out of something what you..
    When the blind lead the blind..
    the leaded are then blinded
    Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Cry and..
    find your friends shoulder for support

    1. What’s the most interesting assignment you ever had in school?
      a storyboard about a mini story i made. i want to animate it! ^^ because my teacher said it has really good potential to do well! wuoooo!

  • What’s the most interesting thing you ever had to do for work?
    i’m not sure

  • Do you feel:
    insignificant? no
    unable to evoke change? no
    like one person can’t change the world? no
    like one life and one person’s suffering doesn’t mean very much? no
    If you answered yes to any of those can you describe why in detail?

  • Are you aware that your brain is the same size as Albert Einstein’s brain?
    Do you realize that you have the same number of hours in a day as Abraham Lincoln?
    Did you know that Franz Kafka wrote all of his amazing litterature during his lunchbreaks at work?
    no i didn’t know. who is that?
    Did you know that we are all made of matter and that you are made of the Same Thing that Jesus was made of?
    yup. its called chemistry my friend 😛
    Do you still believe that you couldn’t contribute as much to society as they did?
    If yes than WHY?

  • Is your mind in the gutter?
    no. it’s in my skull

  • What do you have to complain about?
    nothing right now

  • 2758. Do you remember rock n’ roll radio?
    i never knew what that was . . .

    1. Is there such a thing as a food that you burn more calories from digesting than you actually absorb from it?
      aaaaaah. . .i duno
  • Hey, if you’ve gotten this far than you and me go way back. We’ve been hanging out for a while now and I gotta know..do you like me?
    i don’t know you

  • What are you doing, Dave?
    i’m not dave. . .

  • As far as love goes do you feel it is better to become complete before looking for someone or find someone who completes you?
    become complete first. because you need to be happy with yourself. asking someone else to make you happy is not healthy

  • What attracts you about the opposite sex (or same sex, or both sexes)?
    many things ^^

  • Do you need people or do you not need anyone?
    i need people

  • Is selfishness always bad?
    not always
    Is selflessness always good?

  • Do you feel like your life is being controlled by a power structure?

  • Can you name three things in society that send the message that being completely yourself and that looking inside yourself and contemplating what’s within is a good thing?
    um . . .

  • Can you name three things in society that send the message that materialism and the accumulation of stuff is a good thing?

  • What is more important, a picture or it’s frame?
    a picture
    What is more important, spirituality or religion?
    how are those different?

  • How many definitions can you come up with for the wword ‘fuck’?

  • Is it less offensive when a black person says Nigger than when a white person says it?Why or why not?
    i dont really know. . .i think no one should use that word

  • Do you rationalize often?

  • Do you believe that america is an imperialist nation?
    no. its a republic

  • Would you agree that:
    hot topic is the new abercrombie? no.
    pink is the new black: no. black will always be black
    you are the new you? no. because i am always changing

  • Do you have more internet or real life friends?
    real life

  • What IS the feeding of 5000?
    i dont know

  • What’s an easy way to make money?
    strip or host club. if i didn’t have dignity over my body i would do it , but im not.

  • What’s your favorite slang word and what does it mean?

  • Are you uncomfortable?

  • Is anything definate besides death and taxes?
    sex! definitely sex! i duno i just tend to think of these things more before going to sleep. . .

  • Would you rather live fast and die young or live slow and die old?
    live slow. im in no rush

  • Can you name 4 people who have committed crimes against humanity?
    How do you think they live with themselves?
    i have no clue. they must be crazy

  • If you could imagine, pure fantasy, any God you could concieve, how would you want God to be?
    i cant imagine a god

  • do you think the smashing pumpkins have a strong christian theme?

  • Do you think this survey has a strong christian theme?
    no but it comes up sometimes

  • Fill in the blank for yourself”
    Give me ____ or give me death!
    sex jajaja. no no its liberty

  • Have you ever heard of the USA patriotism act?
    Apparently they have passed laws making torture legal. Also the FBI can sneak and peek into ANYONE’S home. They don’t have to ask or even tell you they were there. This is already the law. So, whaddaya think?
    fucked up man. they are perverts!

  • The people in power step all over the average citizen, trying to secure all the power and money for themselves and leave us with no rights and under their control. They have the audacity to do this because they know that we will not lift a finger to stop them. Are they right?
    no. ill just move to another country and then all those people that left have left the country underpopulated, and they are gonna be shitting in their pants.

  • The Free State Project is a plan in which 20,000 or more liberty-oriented people will move to a single state of the U.S. to secure there a free society. They will accomplish this by first reforming state law, opting out of federal mandates, and finally negotiating directly with the federal government for appropriate political autonomy. They want to be a community of freedom-loving individuals and families, and want to create a shining example of liberty for the rest of the nation and the world. What’s your opinion? Could this work? Why or why not?
    let’em do it.

  • 2790. Have you ever seent e Neverending Stroy?
    Remember when Bastian has to prove his worth by looking in that mirror where you see yourself the way you really are with no pretenses, rationalizations or mental lying?
    Could you stand yourself if you looked into that mirror?

    1. What is soilent green?
      i dont know. a type of green?
  • What are you proud that you have never done?
    hmmm . be a pregnant teenager i guess?

  • What things are hopeless?
    people sometimes

  • What Are People For?
    to eat, piss, sleep, fart, shit, live, etc

  • What book do you feel could change someone’s life?
    kama sutra

  • Didja ever want to just walk up to the Bush administration and ask them, ‘What the fuck?’
    no. i was kind of young to understand what was going on

  • How do you take your coffeee?
    i dont drink cafe. its strange because i love the smell of cafe in the morning, but i dont like drinking it. i prefer hot chocolate

  • Have you ever plaied:
    paintball? no but i wanna try!!!!!!!! my friend is really good at paintballing but he’s busy TT_TT
    lazer tage? nope
    which is better? i have only done lazer tag so far , so i can’t answer this question

  • In what ways are you lucky?
    could be many things

  • If Jesse Jackson wants reparations to be given to black people because he thinks that black people don’t have equal opportunities in this country than why does he drive a Jaguar?

  • cuz hes a hypocrite


    5000 Questions Part 28

    Originally Posted on the 17th of June 2013 at 11:27pm-ish
    (Real day of post: 17日6月2013年, a las 23:27

    2601. Do you think cell phones cause cancer? im not sure because that is still being studied
    Are cell phone users more likely to get into car accidents? not in that way
    Do cell phones really interfere with a plane’s navigation equipment? im not really sure about that
    Are cell phones immune from computer viruses? maybe not. duno
    Can using a cell phone at a gas station spark a fire? no

    1. What makes a guy see a chick as less of a cute little girl and more of a woman?

    style of clothes for sure and certain actions. although i think being a ‘cute little girl’ can also be attractive. there’s nothing wrong with that. but i wouldn’t know for sure. . . im a girl. i like guys 😛

    1. What is it about football that makes people want to watch it?
      the players’ ass in tight pants
    2. What is the best show on tv?
      so far, i really really like Game of Thrones!!! ^^ but i duno if you can call it “the best show on tv”

    3. Are you more of a tape dispenser or a stereo speaker and why?
      stereo speaker. because they can become very loud

    4. What do you think is overrated?
      what is underrated?
      movie ratings; underrated= manga and anime (at least in US advertisement and distribution).

    5. Can spiders ump?
      Did you interpret that as ‘jump’ or ‘hump or ‘bump’ or other?
      i interpreted as just ump and became confused

    6. What’s the matter with adults today?
      they’re too boring too serious most of the time

    7. Have you ever worked ‘off the books’?
      no? i dont think so . duno what that is

    8. Have you ever worked 9-5?
      If not do you think you ever will?

    9. Do men or woman make better bosses?
      women. but sometimes we allow men do it cuz we dont wanna do the work.

    10. Do you believe that people should more up through a company or that the higher up positions should be filled by people hired from outseide the company?
      sure why not?

    11. Why is it that no one seems to care about their job?
      i duno

    12. When I go into a store, why doesn’t anyone know anything about what they are selling?
      cuz they are not properly trained and their bosses assume that they just know everything

    13. Have you ever seen those people that get that blank, lost expression when they go into a store and kinda shuffle along like zombies?
      Do you wonder how they got up, dressed themselves, and made it to the store in the first place?
      yup. even i do that but it doesnt have to be in store. it can be anywhere. no.

    14. When did you/will you graduate college?
      next academic year (2014)

    15. When will Eminem stop whineing about his bad childhood and move on??
      probly never

    16. I am drug free. Are you drug free?

    17. I have piercings and am getting tattoos. Do you have either?
      i have piercings. i dont want a tattoo. i want to go to onsen. 😛 Oooh! if only they had those here, i would go to them a lot. XD

    18. Can you REALLY say that your way is the right way?
      maybe there is a different way for everyone?
      at times yes. of course.

    19. What do you think of the song ‘Imagine’?
      pretty good

    20. Can you think of any reason i might have written this, other than I am bored with too much time on my hands?
      no. . . .actually no

    21. What is the purpose of art? to inspire, or to just be art
      How about movies? to entertain
      Music? to entertain

    22. Do you think that anything has lost it’s value because it’s become too ‘commercial’? What?
      not really

    23. Have you ever been promoted? no
      fired? no

    24. What do you call your private area? Does it have a nickname?
      my bathroom. no

    25. What parts of your body are shaved?
      the usual areas 😛

    26. What is a peachclam?
      i have no idea

    27. What is the american dream?
      Is it the same as your dream?
      making money. no. i just want happiness added to my life and to enjoy life ^^

    28. Do you need to be right all the time?

    29. There was a sculpture that was supposed to be displayed for a week in the Rockafeller Center in NYC of a falling woman – designed as a memorial to those who jumped or fell to their death from the World Trade Center. It was complained about as grotesque, innopropriate and describe as ‘not art’
      What do you think?
      people were just too emotional and called it “not art”

    It was taken down early because it was seen as ‘offensive’. What do you think about that?
    its not offensive. people are just moody.

    The artist, Fischl, said in a statement. “It was a sincere expression of deepest sympathy for the vulnerability of the human condition. Both specifically towards the victims of Sept. 11 and towards humanity in general.”
    Are people just too sensative? Or maybe people are NOT sensative ENOUGH to the idea that others may have different views from them (or from the majority)?
    some people only think about it through their own perspectives and dont think or are too ignorant to learn how someone else may view the situation

    She these different, opposing or offensive views be allowed to be expressed freely and openly? Why or why not?
    yes. because it should

    1. What letter’s sound do you like the best?
  • What is one movie charater you identify with and why?

  • Do you act the same when you are alone as you do when people are watching?
    most of the time yes. i may be in a more relaxed sitting position that i can’t do in school because they dont have couches

  • Why is everyone so obssessed with superheros?
    i duno

  • What cliches do you hear over-used the most?
    i duno

  • Do you handle inconvieniences well?

  • Are you a fan of Jackie Chan?
    i would not say i am a fan, but i do agree he is a good actor and stunts person

  • Is a promise a big deal?
    yes. i dont like to break promises. so if i know i cant keep a promise, i will not make it a promise. i will simply let the person know “i may not be able to make you a promise”.

  • What is your place in the universe?
    nothing extraordinary. just another person

  • Once some scientists dug up a woolly mamoth, frozen in ice. It was still completely whole, not rotted or fosilized. The scientists decided to have a dinner party. It was a very posh affair. they served roast woolly mamoth steaks, the rarest meat in all the world. So, if you were invited, would you have eaten it?
    i would not have eaten it

  • What are 3 things you DON’T want to know?
    anything sexual involving my brother or parents, details about astronomy/chemistry/physics/geometry because these subjects are really difficult for me and i get easily confused, aaaaaand i think that’s it. i mean for the second one, i am willing to listen and TRY to understand but dont expect me to remember

  • It seems to me that a lot of people don’t value their lives, or life in general very highly. Why do you suppose that is? Are you like that?
    i’m not sure. ive never thought about that. no i’m not like that

  • Do you celebrate the harvest moon?

  • Do you believe in out of body experiences?

  • Why does so much depend
    upon a red wheel barrel
    glazed with rain water
    beside the white chickens?
    is this a joke?

  • Why do so many people get jobs that they dislike?
    because they choose to

  • Do you think that in THIS world, being creative is a handicap? Why or why not?
    no. it just is being creative. nothingmore

  • Do you ever get chills or shivers during movies? What movies?
    yes. movies where the airconditioner is blasting in the room and i get cold.

  • Do you believe in the collective unconsiouss(that people are like onions..the outer layers are individualistic and the deeper you go the more similar we all are)?
    that is a fact now that you explain it to me

  • Do you think that most people have the qualities you look for in friends/intimate relationships or do you feel alienated?
    i think many have the potential and many have the qualities. but it also depends in finding the person in a certain state. like if someone were to meet me when i was more shy but we both wanted the same things and they were not shy at that moment, would it have really worked?

  • Are you very critical:
    of others? no
    of yourself?no

  • Is there such a thing as expecting too much?
    yes. women tend to do that a lot

  • Would you rather take an hour lunch break or skip lunch and get out of work early?
    depends on the day because i tend to do both. but mostly i do the skipping.

  • Do you believe that happiness is equal to
    fakeness? no
    shallowness? no
    joy? yes
    something good that happens? yes
    an attitude you have inside no matter what happens? yes

  • Can you control your emotions? yes
    have you ever tried? yes

  • im actually really bad at talking about my feelings. . . especially with other people and many times it takes me a while to even realize my own feelings

    1. Imagine you are 34 weeks pregnant. You are healthy and you didn’t have any major problems in your pregnancy. Would you consider flying from the UK to Germany, which takes one hour, whithout a bad feeling that something could go wrong or the baby decides to come out earlier?
      being pregnant would not affect my decision to travel

  • How long do you think it would take you to jog a mile?
    about 11 minutes

  • Word association:
    twilight: twilight
    garden: garden
    warm: warm
    stars: stars
    crash: crash
    mold: mold
    gold: gold
    green: green
    lush: lush

  • Picture a triangle:
    Quick! What color is it? yellow
    Picture a square.
    Quick! What color is it? blue
    Picture a circle.
    Quick! What color is it? red
    Why do you think you saw these shapes as these colors?
    i dunno its just the first thing that came to mind

  • What things are endless?
    nothing is endless

  • Are you ever subtle?
    yes. sometimes you have to be

  • Because we don’t know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood…some afternoon that’s so deeply a part of your being that you can’t conceive of your life without it?
    How many more times will you watch the full moon rise?
    How can you fully appreciate these moments, every moment, when it all seems limitless?
    ~Paul Bowles
    except from The Sheltering Sky

  • Do you never have an ordinary day?

  • Do you embrace every single thing you’ve never known?
    um. . . no?

  • Has anyone ever mistaken you for a satanist?

  • Can stress sometimes be good?

  • Write something random, just whatever flows out of your head without thinking. Forget punctuation just try to type as fast as you think:
    why do i become happy when i get a text message?

  • Are you a musical snob? no
    How about a film snob? no

  • When you were in school did you learn to think or repeat?
    i already knew how to think and repeat. i learned about loop holes

  • Do you have everything you need to be happy? in some yes and no
    If not, what is missing? sometimes i just want a group of people that i can truly call my friends

  • Would you take a very casualy dropped ‘maybe I should just kill myself’ as a warning ssign?
    not necesarily

  • What does the word ‘ironic’ mean? Can you give an exaple of an ironic situation?
    i dont really know what it means. . . i’ve heard it many times, but. . .

  • What did you see today that was beautiful in an ordinary way?
    a picture of san francisco

  • Have you ever been on the edge of the night?

  • Do you feel oppressed in some way?

  • Who do you think shot JFK? a fat dude
    Who do you think shot Martin Luthar King? the same fat dude
    Why do you think they got shot? cuz they were skinny

  • Are you aware that although only about 14 percent of the american total population is black, that about 70 percent of the people in jail in america are black? i didnt know that
    Why do you think that is? they’re too busy with guns or something.
    What conclusion can you draw based on this? blacks get jailed, whites are bailed. hey that rymthed.

  • Do you think that the culture you live in is completely open to all ideas and forms of expression?

  • What do you think of the character (muppet) on sesame street that has aids and should this kind of a theme be explored in children’s television?
    it should. kids should know

  • Are you dyslexic?

  • 2682, Can you construct a bong out of:
    household objects?
    an apple?
    your cat?
    this is my question: what is a bong?

    1. Starwars, star trek or star gate?
  • Windows or mac?

  • Do you start conversations or wait for other people to start them?

  • How many phallac symbols can you think of?

  • Would you but tickets to see the top ten american idols sing live?
    no. i’d rather travel

  • A bird may love a fish…but where would they live?
    in trees

  • Are you a hologram or a misfit?

  • How are you oriented sexually?
    Do you agree with the people who say that everyone is bi-sexual even if they don’t want to admit it?
    i am a female. they are going on a theoretical framework

  • If you are the only human on the planet of the apes do you have sex with an ape?
    aaa. no

  • If you aare making out with a sex someone and you reach down and find they have a fish tail instead of legs do you still fool around with them?
    are they hot?

  • Does superman wear kryptonite condoms?
    probably not since it would kill him . . .

  • Do you know exactly where you are? yes
    Do you know the meaning of it all? no
    Do you know the distance to the sun? no but it takes at least 10 hours or something like that for the light to travel
    Do you know the echo that is love? no

  • Do you believe you are:
    extraordinary? no
    Blessed? no
    Cursed? no
    Won? no

  • What are you doing this weekend?
    chillin, studying, working out, hanging out

  • Do you believe that black people should get money to make up for their previous enslavement?
    Do you believe that all oppressed people should get money to make up for their oppression?
    no. people should get apologies from the people who did the oppressing.

  • What’s a quagmire?
    a character in spongebob squarepants

  • Is philosophy a science or can everyone have their own philosophy?
    philosophy is not a science. no

  • Are you a big fish in a small pond?
    no. im a sea turtle

  • Would you like to read an entire novel written in stream of consiousness form?

  • i dunno what that would be like but i’ll give it a try.