2016 End of The Year Comeback


.     It’s been long overdue for an update on the creative side of things. I checked my Facebook page, and the last time I posted something was back in January of this year. 11 months ago!
.     It’s been almost a year and it hasn’t been the easiest financially, so it has taken a toll on my emotional health. But I decided enough is enough. I was supposed to have time for my studies and drawings, and both which I eventually had a lack of motivation, but it is a good time to get things back on track. No more excuses. I have to make my reality one that I am proud of and can look back at with joy.

.     Here is a before and after. I have found inspiration in all places but sometimes it’s simply thrilling to look back at previous pieces of work and trying to recreate them and see how one has progressed.

.     Originally this was an ID I had made for myself back in 2010, and now 6 years later you can see a major difference.

BEFORE (2010)

AFTER (2016 November 7th)

.     I have learned that when it comes to proportions and composition I have been stubborn in erasing what I already have. Because I think, “I already drew something. I should work with what I have”. But IT’S OK to start over or completely change what the original idea was. Actually this was my third attempt at making it look like I wanted it to. Or atleast till I was satisfied with it. Here was the second attempt;

2010 ID2.png

.     This one I made the day before on November 6th 2016. I wanted her to look like a diva and have to focus in the center but I don’t like the pose I chose for her. It seems quite stiff and not as lively as the third attempt. Yes she’s in the center and I mainly fell in love with her hair and face but somehow I’m just not happy with it.

.     In any case this was originally a DA ID for myself because even before I liked fantasy and fairies, but wanted to mix it with fashion. This time as I started over again, she started looking more and more like my mother so I have changed its purpose to be a fun portrait of my lovely mom with some daisies in the back.

You can go see it at my DA page here : DeviantArt Image


*Update : 
.     The sketch has now been colored. I sent it to my mom as a mother’s day gift and she loved it. I hope someday I can give out my work and make them into cups, canvases, puzzles, etc.. 2010_ID
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One of my favorite artists (which literally I don’t have many. I can count them all in one hand) is Pascal. His emotions really come out and you can feel like you are part of his illustrations. You can connect to them in some way. Many times I’ve used his illustrations for my own desktop just to give me motivation for that period of time.

Recently I found this  video about him,

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/13387502″>Inspirational Artists: Pascal Campion</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/onyxcinema”>Onyx Cinema, Inc.</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

so if you have time please watch it. A lot of the things he says I believe is true.

Your drawing isn’t done when you finish drawing it. It’s done when other people see it.

I better finish all my crap that’s just sitting in my HD. XD I’m so excited to finally have a good hard drive so that I can go and finish a lot of things I had pending as well as sketch out new ideas I had.


With that in mind, you don’t have to be skilled in techniques of drawing. I think as long as you can connect with people and show them what you feel or think and they get it, then that’s all that matters. Whether that is through illustrations or web comics or even music videos. People will connect to your pieces. I have never been good with words, but I do know that you don’t always need to be. ^_^
For more pascal, go HERE.

Alice and the Nightmare

Hello again!
I’m not sure why I drew this sketch. Maybe it’s my way of procrastinating my studies for the JLPT. Maybe it’s my way to de-stress, or maybe it’s my way of having a little fun. In any case, I’ve been reading a few webcomics for a while and this one sparked some interest. It’s called Alice and the Nightmare; updated every Tuesday and Friday from a student who is studying animation in New York.

Fan Art Sketch : 4th of Dec 2015

Fan Art Sketch : 4th of Dec 2015

To view in DeviantArt, go HERE.

You can read more comics at Hiveworks. The ones I’ve been reading are Trying Human, Awaken, Balderdash, and Cut Time. Funny, because I originally saw Trying Human and Awaken on tapastic.com, but apparently the authors were using it as a means to get more publicity to their main site and the contract with Hiveworks doesn’t allow artists to put up their work in other sites other than Hiveworks.

I like this website because you see other artists, but the one thing that it lacks, which I believe would be beneficial to their readers, is a log where you can keep track of what you are reading and what page you left off. Webtoons and Tapastic does this very easily thus I tend to use these mediums more. (And webtoons started out in South Korea, so it has a korean and japanese version —-> with more comics to read.)

Mothers Birthday Present

As stated before, I’m not in a position to really buy anything other than the necessary but that still doesn’t give me an excuse to not give a present right? Here is my mothers b-day present from me. I’m really happy she liked it!

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Mom's Bday Present : 27th of Nov 2015

Mom’s Bday Present : 27th of Nov 2015

夕方の空に / In The Night Sky

a message to my mom, after moving to Japan

a message to my mom, after moving to Japan


Japanese Version

Japanese Version

I actually gave this to my mom through Line as a rough sketch, and though I finished it before the 3rd week of February, I have only been able to post it now. For all those people out there who feel lonely and far away from loved ones, don’t be so sad. Those same stars that watch over us are watching over them too. It’s a pathway for our human connections to feel closer. A friend once told me, distance is perceived by the mind.

Has potential to be developed into a one-shot story.

Also available in DeviantArt for English and Japanese, and Pixiv.
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