And to add more fun into your life, you can visit my previous blog here. Most of my work consists of pretty much my daily or weekly life (depending on how much free time I have to update it, though I tend to keep a  consistent upload of posts). I do really appreciate those people who draw and illustrate about serious subjects but my stuff just never comes out that way.

In anything that comes out of my hands, whether it is an essay/illustration/screenplays/etc, I do attempt in making a serious tone but it just never comes out that way. So if you are looking for something serious, definitely do not click on this word here.


And that is where you can find my previous blog.

Why did I change?
Well I kinda already answered that question in the home page. Even though wordpress doesn’t give me the creativity of changing fonts, colors, and other visual components, it does have more functions.

Are you going to repost all of your previous blog entries?
Hell no. I’m crazy but not THAT crazy. And I’m just lazy really. But there are some translation works that I did already in the previous blog that I’ll repost over here. I’ll also repost any essays or works of writing. Basically anything that wasn’t your usual daily entry about my normal life.

When are you going to start posting in this blog?
Well, I’m working on it right now. Changing the look of the blog, making drawings for the lack thereof; all of that while I keep my job that gives me money to pay my bills. For everyday entries, the will start immediately. Happy blogging.


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