The main source of my happiness and stress. What inspires me to illustrate ideas as well as what gives me artist block. It’s not just writers who have those. When I draw all my surroundings just disappear and I am totally concentrating on just one thing. Forget about sleep when this is much more fun. (Although I’ve regretted that a few times when I end up staying up late in the early morning and end up waking up later the next day. Does this cycle ever truly end?)

You guessed it. Or if you haven’t well. . . .hmmm.
It’s drawing. 😀

I started like any other kid, drawing stuff that didn’t actually look like what it looked like. You know what I’m talking about. But who cares at that age? You’re exploring the world. And that’s what I did. I wasn’t aware that I liked drawing. It’s just something I did a lot and made me happy.

I was that kid that wanted that 200 color Crayola box with the little sharpener at the bottom corner. (Yes. I liked the smell of crayons too.) And once when I was at my grandma’s house because of a hurricane, we managed to watch The Little Drummer Boy stop-animation and have some hot cocoa with her special ingredient on the bottom. But I woke up to find out that I had left my coloring book on the floor and it had gotten wet. Forget about not having electricity or running water, or the fact that palm trees had blocked the roads. My coloring book WAS  RUINED!!!! Damn you hurricane!

I liked drawing girls and people. Or half/animal half/people lookin’ things. . . Eventually I got this awesome notebook with tracing paper. You give that to a kid like me, and it’s like the coolest thing evur! I wanted to copy and trace anything that appealed to me. Sadly my school wanted to keep these notebooks. (We students had to buy them for the school. They told us AFTER we brought them to school that they would be for general school use and not our personal notebooks.)

Later, I still used crayons on any paper really. Then that slowly changed to colored pencils and sketchbooks, and then at some point I got that huge box of Prismacolor Pencils (which I still have, though haven’t replaced some of the colors except white, red, and black), and a cool sketchbook. By that time I had learned what kind of paper I like. Not too thick. Not too thin. I traced things. Drew things. Practiced with colors. Copied things. Even drew tattoos and old English letters with those cool old-school ink pens. Those are fun but a pain in my ass. Seriously, I’m fine with cursive and plain text.

One sketchbook turned into 3 sketchbooks. I started dabbling with Photoshop on the windows computer we used to have. I liked that computer because it had purple speakers. Purple speakers! ! At that time, it was just a plain mouse and scanning some of my drawings, and coloring them digitally. Yea. Mouse. . . . I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore. I did other things too like start my Deviantart account. But later, I started a new Deviantart account for safety reasons.

I started posting my drawings online, and it didn’t get me anywhere but I liked it. This was coming from a girl who didn’t even show her sketches in school to other people. I like to think of it as a huge leap.

And once I got my lovely MacBook Pro in college, my beautiful Intuos tablet came some time after. I honestly would not survive if I didn’t have Photoshop and my tablet now. Of course, I’m still posting things and most of the people that follow me are my friends and family, which I love their support.

I’ve recently learned that my stubbornness and lack of knowledge for not using social media to spread my artwork, can make things slower. Seriously, having things like Twitter and Facebook make a whole difference. Honestly I don’t really like Twitter much since it’s just like a Facebook wall post with a limited number of characters. (We’re not in the haiku-writing era anymore.) But let’s face it. There are people that use ’em. Some people use blogspot. Some people use wordpress. Some people use tumblr and others use twitter. So it’s only a matter of reaching out to people through different pathways.

I love drawing but I also want to make a living out of it. Hence I need money and groupies to come along on my tour bus. (Not in the perverted way you’re thinking. That’s just. . . . no.)

So that’s where this website comes in!
Yeah. It’s a blog. It’s not my own domain. (Give me a break I didn’t learn anything about html and CSS. I’ll leave that for someone else whose passion is computer coding.) But it’s a start for now, and it lets me express freely as well as organize my other passions neatly into one little place. 🙂


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