2016 End of The Year Comeback


.     It’s been long overdue for an update on the creative side of things. I checked my Facebook page, and the last time I posted something was back in January of this year. 11 months ago!
.     It’s been almost a year and it hasn’t been the easiest financially, so it has taken a toll on my emotional health. But I decided enough is enough. I was supposed to have time for my studies and drawings, and both which I eventually had a lack of motivation, but it is a good time to get things back on track. No more excuses. I have to make my reality one that I am proud of and can look back at with joy.

.     Here is a before and after. I have found inspiration in all places but sometimes it’s simply thrilling to look back at previous pieces of work and trying to recreate them and see how one has progressed.

.     Originally this was an ID I had made for myself back in 2010, and now 6 years later you can see a major difference.

BEFORE (2010)

AFTER (2016 November 7th)

.     I have learned that when it comes to proportions and composition I have been stubborn in erasing what I already have. Because I think, “I already drew something. I should work with what I have”. But IT’S OK to start over or completely change what the original idea was. Actually this was my third attempt at making it look like I wanted it to. Or atleast till I was satisfied with it. Here was the second attempt;

2010 ID2.png

.     This one I made the day before on November 6th 2016. I wanted her to look like a diva and have to focus in the center but I don’t like the pose I chose for her. It seems quite stiff and not as lively as the third attempt. Yes she’s in the center and I mainly fell in love with her hair and face but somehow I’m just not happy with it.

.     In any case this was originally a DA ID for myself because even before I liked fantasy and fairies, but wanted to mix it with fashion. This time as I started over again, she started looking more and more like my mother so I have changed its purpose to be a fun portrait of my lovely mom with some daisies in the back.

You can go see it at my DA page here : DeviantArt Image


*Update : 
.     The sketch has now been colored. I sent it to my mom as a mother’s day gift and she loved it. I hope someday I can give out my work and make them into cups, canvases, puzzles, etc.. 2010_ID
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