Alice and the Nightmare

Hello again!
I’m not sure why I drew this sketch. Maybe it’s my way of procrastinating my studies for the JLPT. Maybe it’s my way to de-stress, or maybe it’s my way of having a little fun. In any case, I’ve been reading a few webcomics for a while and this one sparked some interest. It’s called Alice and the Nightmare; updated every Tuesday and Friday from a student who is studying animation in New York.

Fan Art Sketch : 4th of Dec 2015

Fan Art Sketch : 4th of Dec 2015

To view in DeviantArt, go HERE.

You can read more comics at Hiveworks. The ones I’ve been reading are Trying Human, Awaken, Balderdash, and Cut Time. Funny, because I originally saw Trying Human and Awaken on, but apparently the authors were using it as a means to get more publicity to their main site and the contract with Hiveworks doesn’t allow artists to put up their work in other sites other than Hiveworks.

I like this website because you see other artists, but the one thing that it lacks, which I believe would be beneficial to their readers, is a log where you can keep track of what you are reading and what page you left off. Webtoons and Tapastic does this very easily thus I tend to use these mediums more. (And webtoons started out in South Korea, so it has a korean and japanese version —-> with more comics to read.)


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