Holidays Approaching

Hello again world.

We are quickly approaching the oh so grateful holiday of christmas.
In Japan.

Which isn’t seen the same way, but what the hell. I’m in a country where most people don’t really belong to any specific religion other than conformity and that’s fine with me. I’ve taken the day off on the 25th (because I can do that now muahaha), and just gonna sleep in and hopefully find some goodies at the Kaldi store. I’ve been dreaming of my christmas with eggnog and oatmeal and banana nut bread. Oh! And some flan also! My mom makes some awesome flan!

But for the moment I will have my JLPT test on the 6th of this week. I’ll be taking N3, which I totally do NOT feel prepared for at all. . . And the week after that I’ll be moving to my new apartment. It will be in Toshima-ku; very close to Ikebukuro station. I’m actually proud that I finally got my own place even though my salary only covers the bare necessities. Basically I’m really poor but I can still hold myself together.

Speaking of which, I think I caught the flu.

I’ve been having cold-like symptoms since a week ago and it STILL hasn’t gone away. I have a lot of things on my shoulders these few days, but knowing that I have friends around (or that I can make friends easily), and loved ones it makes me calm. (^^)
As for friends, one of my friends was asking about visas in Japan. He still doesn’t know what type of visas there are. And this was the 2nd time I explained it. ; –
-) I do have a job where I teach English but because this is not in the public nor private school system, I do not have a professor’s visa anymore. That was for my first job (where I did work in the public school system). Mine is a different one. I’ve tried to tell him this twice now. But at the end of the day he has the time to look up the information. So just let it be right?

He still owes me food, so I don’t really mind.

Remember that readers! If you owe me something, in any way, I will remember this, and I WILL come back requesting for my payment! 😀

For now I’ll just enjoy my money-less life with my imaginary fireplace and chestnuts roasting as I draw on my laptop with jazzy christmas music in the background. ! .

Today’s stickers are —> from TOMOMO WORLD. I used the character Tumurin because I think he’s cute. Or at least I think it’s a he. I own the first series but I’m thinking of buying the winter version since it fits perfectly with my life right now. Especially this one –>


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