New Job Changes

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.40.30 PMYesterday was my first day at this new part time job, which by the way, I am now working at b私の英会話. They have a few locations so far in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, and Yokohama. It seems like a really nice job so far and way more relaxing than AEON ever could be (unless they made some drastic changes). For example:

  1. I have my desk for the day (a clean one) with a mac computer and outlet on the wall so I can charge my cellphone. Trust me! It’s hard finding outlets in Japan. While in U.S they are numerous and super easy to find anywhere you go, in Japan you should carry a battery pack with you. So being able to plug in my phone to charge feels nice. On top of that I can leave it out and use it like a normal person (check my messages if I have any, send emails, etc). As Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.44.26 PMlong as you aren’t disturbing others, you can do whatever you want on your office hours. Meaning if you really wanted to study Japanese or be on your phone, you are more than welcomed to do so. They give you the space to be responsible over your own work which is the type of environment I like. At AEON (and not just my location), managers are constantly hovering over you to see if you are doing work. And taking out your cellphone just for a minute? Well, you’re risking yourself to be caught doing something not work related. Here I can relax. And I don’t have to share a table with everyone since I have my own cubicle/cafe-like space for the day. Meaning I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s mess except my own.I never understood this one girl I met in uni. She said how she’s tired of cleaning after her roommates all the time, but if she doesn’t do it no one will. So I told her “well, why don’t you stop cleaning after them?”. That was what I had become in mScreen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.49.23 PMy previous job and could not believe how grown-up people could tolerate such a messy space. I don’t miss cleaning after them at all. 
    I did have a few good coworkers, but I really need my own desk. That isn’t too hard to ask. Actually I still remember my desks I had in my first job. Mine was always spotless, and I cleaned it everyday. It was necessary because they kept the windows open for “ventilation”, aka have all their dust move around. You can see how shocked I was when I realized those interior spaces of Japan aren’t as clean as you think they are . . . ^^;
  2. As previously mentioned, no one is hovering over me. I have my own cubicle area for when I walk into the office, and I have the freedom to be responsible over myself. They basically treat you as the adult that you are. I like it. Someone treating me like a child who can’t remember how to do their own job was really annoying me. Not because they should have higher expectations but because it’s just irritating when your manager feels they NEED to babysit you which really isn’t needed at all. I can handle myself. If I notice that you can’t handle yourself and you’re trying to put your superiority through hovering, I’ll let you know now that it doesn’t work.
  3. As for lunch or office hours. I’m not forced to do menial tasks like fold flyers, stamp flyers, write in their club chats even though parents can’t understand them or won’t read them, or clean the school. All of that is gone. During my office hours I can do whatever I want, and I don’t have the feeling of leaving the office for a good 55 minutes. At least not so far. But it is a little different because I am working there part time, so I am not there for the whole day.Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.26.28 PMAs for lunch (eating time), I can snack on food whenever I want (provided that it doesn’t interfere with your work of course). So if I wanted to snack during an office hour I could totally do that. No one is going to penalize me for eating fruits or oatmeal as I work.
    Again though, I am part time so it’s not like I am there the whole day and when I am there most of my time is filled with lessons. For example, tomorrow on Saturday I have 5 lessons in a row but other days I just have 3 lessons. In any case, I am there to work for lessons. I am not a janitor and I’m not in charge of advertisement. Any extra tasks that I would do is just to write in their blog about something interesting that happened to me or whatever. Which I already in a way do. ^^
  4. Dress code is much more relaxed. I don’t have to come in with a suit everyday. If I wanted to dress up it’s because I want to, but again I’m not going to be penalized just because I wore something cotton-like. I can use no sleeve tops and more casual wear which I have plenty of that are still work appropriate. I may still buy some office-like clothes but they’re hard to find here since they look like something my grandmother would wear. . . .

There are a few set backs to this part time job. Those are no transportation reimbursement, no health insurance, and you’re still working from afternoon to later in the day. Other than that, which tend to be pretty important, there aren’t any drawbacks. For now I just wished I had transportation reimbursement since part of my paycheck will Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.24.50 PMgo towards that.

Besides that, this job should tell you how relaxed it really is. I mean just having the time to write this should be evidence enough that I have time for myself as WELL AS prep for lessons. I even have time to study and review Japanese which I will really need it since the JLPT is in December. December 6th to be precise. I may not have the funds to go out to eat as much as before or do other things but it will have to do for now. Plus, I’m not looking to do that at the moment. I will need to practice hard for the test and get enough sleep. Tomorrow I go to work a little earlier than usual so I have to wake up earlier. :3

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.37.34 PMAlso, today I featured Itsukiyu’s Line stickers which you can check out HERE.I haven’t really figured out yet the timing for making stickers, but for now I’m happy to feature someone else’s work. As for now, I’ll have to get back to prepping for my lessons tomorrow (after all the prepping you do for AEON this feels like not much on my part), doing normal things like taking showers, watching some telly and hitting those Japanese studies!!!


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