AEON Training

First written on: Thursday June 25, 2015

Hello fellow readers.

Last time I left you right before I was starting to work with AEON. Which was even before training started and before I completely moved out of my LeoPalace in Minokamo, Gifu. Now I bring you a new me with more knowledge on the AEON work.

Just to restate, I am stationed in Adachi prefecture in Kita-Senju. With any job they have their good and bad points that range from just your location to the company as a whole. But let me go back to training.


The good ol’ training days:
Back in the good ol’ training days, we stayed at the Omiya training house (which was like a dorm situation), started “training” at around 12 (having to be at the main room by 11:45am.), had our lunch break, continued training and then prepared for the next day right afterwards. It was extremely convenient because we don’t have to take a train to go anywhere for training, you’re staying right there (or unless you stay at the ‘mansion’ which is another location they have if the training group ends up being too big which was our case), and you could always go back to your room in case you forgot something. 

The reason why I call it the good ol’ training days is because of the simple following:
1)  you’re learning hence you get to sit down most of the time
2)  you don’t have any stress unless it’s for prepping or being nervous about something new
3)  you do have plenty of time to relax
4)  as well as great training partners that you will meet and bond with.

Once the real job starts, you have almost no time to sit down and your mind is racing all the time for the next thing you need to do. So you become physically tired as well as mentally. (I know even when I’m with my friends in the afternoons I’m just too damn tired to be my usual cheerful self.)  You then have to add in the things you will do in between classes (which you will only have 10 minutes for), for example interviews, check tests and preparing the materials or making sure that the TV works. These things take time, and on top of that you are expected to just stand in the lobby and talk (“lobby talk”). My only issue with this is that I’m already tired of prompting students to talk during class, so talking to them in the lobby is yea a way to warm them up, but in my head I’m thinking I just want 5 to 8 minutes where I’m not working and not thinking at all.

At the same time you may not get along with your coworkers as well as your training buddies, and this is a job that deals with people, so I do easily get the feeling of not wanting to see anyone and just having “me” time. All by myseeeeeeeeeeelf ~~~

So whenever I do have training, I consider myself lucky because it’s a day when I can sit on my ass and give my legs a break and just turn my brain off. If training is on a day when I have work, that’s even better. But if it’s on my weekend, I’m pissed ‘cuz I’d rather get compensated with a day off rather than being paid overtime with the training rate. A Llesi without a break is an unhappy Llesi. And an unhappy Llesi means unhappy students.

But aside from that, training is not necessarily accurate. It’s good because you get to learn the structure of their lessons, and you get to practice with real students for like. . . . a day. But I will have to let you go for now as there are still a lot of things to figure out. Until next time~~


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