iPad versus Cintiq

Recently, I’ve been without the use of an iPad and frankly typing or reading on my iPhone 5C at work just doesn’t do. Of course I love my portable pink keyboard, but the screen is just way too small. Plus with the iPad, I can do more. Like I really don’t like buying so much paper, even though I have this weird interest in notebooks.

Seriously, stickers and notebooks is my dream collection of things.

While I am a serious professional artist, and would love to get my hands on a portable tablet that lets me draw with photoshop on the go, wherever I am, I made my decision.

So I made these notes for myself and ended up choosing an iPad with a Wacom stylus pen, rather than their Cintiq. Main reason number 1 = just don’t want to bother with Windows again. I’m stuck as an apple customer and their user friendly interface. So here are my notes. 🙂



~ 10:09 pm ~

ok. . . .
Now I’m wavering again.

It’s just so hard to say no to drawing and photoshop. TT^TT

~March 8th Update~
Ok. So I took the time to look at it a bit more, and I FINALLY decided to go for the cintiq companion 2. Of course, it will have to wait as I have to save money for it and I’m in the middle of moving at the moment (which takes a lot of money apparently in Japan). After that, cintiq companion HERE I COME!!!


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