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I’ve come back yet again with more news about AEON. Not so long ago, I sent my contract signed to them and after that they just told me to sit back and wait for the next time they have news for me. That was around. . . 2 weeks ago? Around 2 weeks?  

Anyways, today I received an email from them telling me to read a PDF file on how to prepare for the initial training.

Short Version: You read a PDF file, and answer some questions in a separate sheet they have sent in that same email that contains the PDF. Then you send that questions worksheet over to the trainers via email. They also ask that you have an extra copy with you in hand once you get to training. (I have to print it in the Elementary school as I’m not allowed to use anything in the Jr. High School that’s not related to school. Yes. That even includes making copies of my residence card in order to make a new one that won’t expire. How that doesn’t relate to my work and how she doesn’t see that connection, is far below my intelligence capacity to understand).

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Mix of Emotions

Saturday is a mix of emotions.
I started the day mad and upset (not a new thing anymore),

but suddenly,

I got a wave of messages from my 9th graders who just graduated Jr. High School, and I was able to reconnect with most of them through Line. They have high school entrance exams on Tuesday, even though they graduated just this Friday.

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To The Next ALT In Sakahogi

If you are a new ALT,
let me leave you this message.

Try not to care about the teaching part. You’ll only actually be teaching Kindergarten and grades 1 through 4. The rest, you are used as a human recorder. Sometimes the 5th grade teachers will take your advice in game activities, but you are primarily the assistant; not group teaching.
in this working environment, they won’t tell you about things so most times you’ll be in the dark as to what’s happening. In Japan, the noob is suppose to be asking all the questions.

But how can you ask about something you don’t know?
It’s a dilemma for everyone.

Next, you have the freedom to change parts of lessons so it doesn’t sound like strange English. I’ve also changed some activities so that it’s more fun for students, easier to explain through gesture presentations, and less prep on my part. It’s your choice if you want to bore your students or not. Then there’s the classroom management part.

This is not your job. It`s the job of the homeroom teacher, but many times they don’t care so what do you do?

Just stop teaching right then and there, don’t say anything, and just give the “you’re pissing me off” look.

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iPad versus Cintiq

Recently, I’ve been without the use of an iPad and frankly typing or reading on my iPhone 5C at work just doesn’t do. Of course I love my portable pink keyboard, but the screen is just way too small. Plus with the iPad, I can do more. Like I really don’t like buying so much paper, even though I have this weird interest in notebooks.

Seriously, stickers and notebooks is my dream collection of things.

While I am a serious professional artist, and would love to get my hands on a portable tablet that lets me draw with photoshop on the go, wherever I am, I made my decision.

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