Originally Posted on the 17th of June 2013
for Screenwriting Class
Here is an epitaph and character bio I had to write for screenwriting class. I hope it wasn’t too fancy or dull:

    I grew up in the Chicago area, so for the most part I have gone to private schools. My parents felt it was a better decision than going to Chicago public schools. Most of my peers were white, stuck up kids who felt proud of their knowledge, but that isn’t being sincere. I stayed away from them and kept to my own business. At some point, I met other people in my school like me. Quiet and out of the way. We didn’t do any sports, unless you consider playing Halo and World of Warcraft a sport, then yes. We did play sports. At some point, I had failed my geometry class because I was too into World of Warcraft, so I had to re-do the class during the summer time. Now I just stick to first-person shooter games and not RPG’s. Those RPG’s tend to take a lot of your time. And I didn’t want to fail another class. Luckily my parents never found out. Or at least they never talked about it if they did find out. . .

    Even though it was quiet and gentle, those days are my favorite. I am an old man now and feel blessed to be with the special person just for me, who has also added much happiness to my life. And I am also still very fond of my youthful days where there were no thoughts or worries about the future. Literally we lived in the moment, not really giving a thought about what would happen next week or even the day after tomorrow.

    Looking back at it now feels completely different. To everyone else we were considered the ‘nerds’ of the time. Now it is a daily part of life to play video games for everyone; the young, the old, the men, the women, the young girls, etc, and I am proud to have brought my company and success and be able to share it with the world what it feels like to enter into another dimension. As an old man, I may not have the physical strength nor the vision I had once had to play, but I guarantee that my legacy will live on. To my darling wife, I thank you for helping me and guiding me into the person I have become today.


     Soft and gently, my legacy will live on through my children of tomorrow.


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