AEON Apartments

So here’s the gist on AEON apartments. And I’m slowly learning this as I ask other people, and also based on what I asked before I signed the contract.

AEON rents out different apartments that are close to their offices, for teachers use. And when you contract with a location, you get the apartment that is designated for that location. Although you get more of the specifics during training.

I also found out that the person whose position you will replace, is still working there while you are in training and you get a chance to talk with them. I’m not sure how MUCH talking we will get, but this would be a great time to talk to them about why they are leaving and just about students and where they are at English wize. But they’re still living in that apartment that you will be moving into. Hence why you don’t see the apartment until you start working. (Or at least that’s what I know so far.)

To make that possible, apartments need to be move-in ready, so the ELT and a person from that branch school will go over a list of ‘furniture’ that was supplied with the apartment. And if anything is too old or something, they just replace it with a new one. I’m not sure if you have to pay for the replacement or if they do that. But I do know that you have to pay if something isn’t accounted for or broken.

I was a little sad to find this out since, I like apartment and house hunting. I like having the freedom of designing interior spaces to my tastes. So not having even a choice or 3 to look at was kind of disappointing. It creates less hassle on both parties, but I kind of wanted to have options. It’s just kinda strange for me for a company to tell me, “here’s where you’re going to live”. What is difficult about house/apartment hunting in Japan, is that first there is the language barrier (unless you came here with level N2 Japanese), then there are the numerous fees you have to pay upfront that you will never get back, and then the places that are racist and won’t rent to ‘foreigners’. And if you’re thinking about having more or less the same living quarters you had back home, it’s best to keep those standards at home.

But even with that in mind, I’m hoping the apartment to my location isn’t far and has enough space for what I’m thinking about. I’m tired of living in the small apartment I’m living in now with boxes in the hallway. So once I see the apartment and measure it, and compare it to the measurements I have from this current apartment, I’ll go to the amazing blue box (IKEA), get me a day-bed, and a laundry hanger thing. And don’t forget about the meatballs.
I wonder if they even sell them in Japan. . .
Do they taste different or the same?
That would be awesome if they were the same.


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