5000 Questions Part 31

Originally Posted on 2nd of July 2013
Nice to write today. ^^

The weather is ok. Sky is covered in clouds but no rain yet. Nice and warm/humid. Everything is going fine. (Finally have enough sleep in my body to stay awake.)

2901. have you ever written a letter to:
a friend: yes
a lover: no
a celebrity: no
congress/house/reps: no
the president/leader of your country: no

2902. Why are cigarette companies allowed to manufacture and sell cigarettes when they are so unhealthy and dangerous? They are getting rich on the deaths of the people you love who smoke.
because people buy them…?

2903. Do you chat with people in an elevator?
sometimes yes. most times no because it can become a little awkward. XD

2904. What’s your favorite Jack Nicholson movie?

2905. Who should play the part of Superman?
it should totally be me 😛

2906. Do you like when your friends and your mate’s friends hang out?
sure why not? the more friends the better

2907. Doritos or Cheetos?
cheetos. although i haven’t had either one in a really long time

2910. Do you brush your teeth three times a day?
my usual is twice. somedays it can be more. i carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with me because sometimes i am in school until 9pm and can feel very long, and so i just wash my face and brush my teeth so that i can refresh myself. ^^ yea i carry shiseido wipes too. ^^

2911. Should I stop making questions with multiple parts and just count each actual question as a question?
you should keep doing what you’re doing

2912. What gives your ego a boost?

2913. What knocks your ego down?

2914. Live and let live or live and let die?
just live

2915. What do you think of Damien Hirst’s art piece Mother and Child, which is half a cow in formaldedhyde?
what the heck is that? XD

2916. Why is it that 70 percent of americans Do Not want to go to war with Iraq and yet we are going to war with Iraq anyway? Is this democracy?
US isn’t a democracy, its a republic actually. people just don’t know the difference between these terms and use them loosely. a big chunk of american tax money goes into the military anyways, so the people’s opinions really don’t matter

2917. Imagine you have two choices of what life you can live:
One: You are provided with meals, medicine, clothes and shelter. You are always with your family. You can lie in the sun and smoke, drink, play, cook, etc.. There will be certain rules you must follow such as no killing, no hurting others, no leaving the commune you were born in, no stealing, no tv, no newspapers and no books.


Two: You are turned loose in the world with nothing. You start out cold and hungry. You may stay cold and hungry forever but you also have the opportunity to try and make a life for yourself. This will take a lot of hard work and there is no guarantee you will ever live comfortably.

Which life do you choose? WHY?
the second one because i like books, tv, and traveling. and i feel better when i work for something rather than just someone giving it to me.

2918. Why is there no ‘Mr. America’ pageant?Should there be?
sure why not
What qualities would YOU look for in a Mr. America if such a contest were to exist (like miss america he would have to be a role model)?
he has to be super hot 😛

2919. If something offends you do you feel that it has no right to exist?

2920. Why do advertisers seem to believe that guys will buy any product that a hot girl in a bikini is sitting next too?
because it actually works

2921. What would you do if your mom had a fight with a male acquaintance and you heard an answering machine message he left her cursing at her, calling her names and being very disrespectful?
i’d delete the message

2922. What do you represent?
a homo-homo-sapient ^^

2923. What message does ___ send when given as a birthday present to you?
flowers: if its a friend or family, i would see it as just a friendly gesture, though they don’t really know me. i mean, flowers are pretty but i don’t like a bunch of them. 1 or 3 flowers are enough. and even i think flowers should be saved for special occasions and not something like a birthday. birthdays are every year.
slippers: they know what i wanted ! :…D
candles: kinda strange gift. . .
diamond necklace: are you asking me out or something ? XD
gift certificate: to where? if it’s clothes than totally! or like a book store
cash: i love you ! ! ! is what i would say
books: they know me ^_______^.

2924. Have you ever completed a paint by number?
If yes of what?/
no. ive never done that

2925. How long has it been since you colored in a coloring book?
a while

2926. What have you been caught doing?

2927. Does temptation make you do what you love?
i do it because i want to do it

2928. Do you have any gadgets in the house that you don’t know how to use? What?
yup! the dryer ! XD

2929. Do you read the instructions to things or skip them?
most times i read it but if its something common sense, then i just toss them aside. don’t even look at it.

2930. Will you ever reach your full potential?

2931. Who is your biggest fan?
my dog

2932. Who do you take care of?
my dog
Who takes care of you?
my ma

2933. Do you think that lawyers should only argue cases when they feel like the client is in the right? yes
If you were a lawyer would you argue cases when you felt like your client was completely wrong? no

2934. Is it sexy in here or is it just me?
its just you

2935. You are giving out your phone number to a HOTTIE by writing it on a napkin. Do you write a little note or draw a picture too? If yes, what?
probably i would draw a winky face.

2936. Can you fold paper into anything (a hat, a swan, a boat, etc)? What?
a fortune teller. actually just recently i was learning how to make paper crane in japanese class but there were so many steps and at some point i got confused XD, and so i have already forgotten

2937. How can a girl get a guy-she-is-dating’s mom to like her better?
just talk to each other and have some girl time together. shouldn’t be that hard

2938. What is one theory about life or anything that you came up with that no one else has?
life.    that’s it.

2939. Do you like answering questions about:
your life? yes
your taste? yes
tv? yes, if i know about the show/drama/movie/etc
music? kinda boring
art? also kinda boring
politics? not really
life? sometimes
religion? not really
issues? sometimes
sex? yes!
loved ones? yes
favorites? yes
objects? yes
math? as long as it’s not geometry. i was really bad at it and i never could understand it. i am much much much better at algebra, calculus and business statistics. but my favorite will always be algebra. ^^
philosophy? yes
hypothetical situations? sure
things that require lots of thought? yes

2940. The mortuary science department is having a bake sale. Does this strike you as funny?
i don’t know what that is

2941. What would you think of a new reality tv game show where real life criminals on death row competed in life threatening tasks for the prize of a reduced sentence? kinda boring and cruel . ..
Did you know that they are considering making this a show? didn’t know
Would you watch it? no

2942. What was the last song you looked up the words to?
Yesterday by kpop singer ^^. he’s hot

2943. What Saturday morning cartoons do you like?
none. i watch whenever i want to

2944. If anything’s possible, then is it possible that nothing’s possible?

2944. What does the T in T-Shirt really mean?
i don’t know …

2945. Would you alter your routine if there was a sniper in your area?
If so how?
i would hide more probably…

2946. Is castration a good punishment for extreme or repeat sexual offenders?
what is that?

2947. If you are a girl have you ever experienced penis envy?
no. i quite like my vagina. penis envy is something that a guy made up cuz guys are obsessed sometimes with their own penis. 😛 its kinda weird.

2948. Imagine you are teaching a class of sixth graders. A the start of the year you tell them, “If you come away with class and have learned only ONE THING, I hope that you learned….(finish the sentence)
how not to screw around 😛

2949. If you were being interviewed for a job in a clothing store how would you sell yourself to the prospective employers?
wear my best outfit and do my hair in salon

2950. How do you stop pop up ads?
i have a pop-up blocker

2951. You are alone. You take a bus to the mall. The stop is right in the mall parking lot. You window-shop. You don’t buy anything. You want to get back on the bus to go home when you realize you have lost all your money. You have no cell phone. All the payphones are jammed with gum. You can not get it out. How do you get the $1.50 you need to get on the bus and get home???
just walk back home. i really don’t like asking for money.

2952. How long would it take you to organize your bedroom?
not long. i don’t have many things but the space that i have to put them in isn’t big enough so i’ve figured out how to organize it all in a way where most of it fits. ^^ i like to organize…

2953. Make up a nickname for your bedroom:
white blanket

2954. What comes after: I’ve got a love-a-lee bunch of coconuts (diddly dee)
There they are a-standing in a row.
Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head…
i know this song but those are the only part of the lyrics that i know. XD

2955. Where ARE the wild things?
in your pants 😛

2956. You get a six cd changer for the car, only problem is that you know that once you put in six cd’s you can NEVER take them out. Which 6 cd’s do you put in?

2959. Is eight days a week enough to show you care?
there are only 7 days in a week…

2960. Have you told your parents you love them today?
no. i like…never do that XD

2961. What is the difference between a number two pencil and any other kind of pencil?
the shading colors. some are darker in gray others are lighter in gray

2962. Have you ever cross-dressed?
no but it would be fun ^^

2963. Are we living ina world without end?

2964. What do you think of that couple that was just on the news who kidnapped a 16 year old girl for a week and forced her to be their sex slave?
they should be made into sex slaves for someone else

2965. Wanna watch a movie about a cheerleading competition?
nah. sounds boring

2966. Are you singing in the rain?
sometimes. rain is not always necessarily sad. it can be romantic or refreshing

2968. Is oral sex. anal sex or regular sex more intimate?
regular sex. at least for me i like kissing the person. if any guy wants to do anal sex, they should try it out first on themselves and then let me know what they think. 😛

2969. Is it time to switch to Decaf?

2970. Why is it that the truth hurts?
cuz some people take it too personal and get too emotional

2972. What are you guilty of?
having 1 meal yesterday…i was more tired than hungry.

2974. What gives you inner stregnth?
happiness ^^

2975. ::eyes you suspiciously::Where have all the COOKIES gone?
in my stomach. i’ll poop them out later if you still want them…

2976. What is a good gift for someone you don’t like so that it SEEMS to be nice but really ‘gets’ them somehow?
home-made treat

2977. If you don’t like the service at a restraunt would you skip the tip?
Why or why not?
cuz i don’t tip anyway

2978. Apples or peaches or pumpkin pie?
japanese peaches…but why me ?!?!?!?! why do i have to be allergic to them ??? TT_TT they are so good!! TT_TT

2979. What Race/nationality was Jesus?
i dunno. though its very likely that he didn’t take showers everyday. . . . .ew

2980. What was one evening you’ll never forget?

2982. Trick or Treat?
trick. entertain me bitch. XD jajaja

2983. If you had money to burn, what ‘toy’ would you spend your money on (think monopoly game with real money, luxory boat, a train layout that takes up a house, etc.)?
i would totally get a remote control car and airplane !!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

2985. If you could write your own ten commandments, what would they be?
1 drink plenty of water every day
2 no smoking
3 spend a balanced time between your family/friends and work. if you are to work overtime, please don’t pressure others to do the same.
4 respect elders
5 any crime or injustice done to women and children will not go unpunished
6 no killing people or pets
7 can work from home every friday (can come into work as option)
8 defense military. not offense
9 no guns. like ever
10 must take bath, brush teeth, put deodorant everyday!!!

2986. When people lose weight, where does it go?
hmmm. . .good question. it would be really interesting to know the details of how that happens and literally where it goes.

2987. Your mate/partner/wife or husband/longterm boy or girlfriend/etc. has SOMEHOW gotten his or her FAVORITE celebrity’s attention. Your sweetie has always thought this celeb was so sexy and now the celeb kinda fancies your sweety as well(although the celeb is not interested enough to stick around for more than one night). Your sweetie wants to have a one night stand with the celeb. Knowing that this is your sweeties one and only chance to bang (or even hang out with) a celebrity (ESPECIALLY their FAVORITE celebrity) you would say:
i would tell them “sleep with her and we are done”. i don’t care if it’s a celebrity or not, i don’t tolerate cheating.

2989. What kind of bread do you like to eat (white, rye, potatoe, grain, whole wheat, etc)?

2990. Are you emotionaly articulate?
no. im really bad at expressing my emotions

2991. Does everything happen for a reason?
sometimes things happen for no reason at all

2992. Do you take a piece of those you have loved and carry it around forever?

2993. Is it true that the child is worth ten of the parent?
what is that?

2994. Can you think of a door that has closed in your life?
Can you think of a window that has opened?
yup. but then i closed it because i learned that i don’t like to sleep with the windows open. too cold !

2995. Do you believe that necessity is also the mother of:
courage? survival skills? independence?
we need all of these

2996. What helps you to get over a Major heartache?
look at some other hot guy

2997. Can you depend completely upon yourself?
have you ever tried?
for a bit

2998. How can you tell the differance between the end of one part of your life and the beutiful begining of the next part?
there is no end and beginning. its just a huge circle.

2999. Have you ever read an stories by Kate Chopin?
If not, I suggest that you do.

3000. Do you often make the best discoveries when you really weren’t looking for anything (or anyone)?

actually yes



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