5000 Questions Part 29

Originally posted on the 23rd of June 2013, 12:27pm-ish

2701. What does ‘equal’ mean?
not odd, but even

  1. Do you believe in the phrase ‘all men are created equal’?
    What about woman?
    no one is equal. what the fuck are you talking about?!?!?!!! XDDDD
  2. Have all persons been specifically ‘created’?
    nope 😛 we share a lot of similar genetic traits actually. like i learned that my mtDNA history goes 1)an old inca mummy 2) some native american group 3) mongolia 4) bali, indonesia, and then after that i share even less and less mtDNA with other groups. i totally did this in my genetics class in high school, and it was totally fun!!! OH! and we saved some of our DNA in necklaces. totally legit stuff. i still have the necklace, just in case something happens to me and i need a clone that would be my identical “17/18 year old self”.

  3. Are all persons exactly equal?

  4. Or do they just have equal rights (in theory)?
    ugh. . . .

  5. Does art reflect society or does society reflect art?

  6. Are you living under a little black raincloud or a ray of sunshine?
    i am living under a majestic-as-fuck-rainbow hunny!

  7. What do you wonder about?
    many many many things

  8. What is better..being single and free or being in love and responsible to another person?
    even when you are single you still need to be responsible over someone else

  9. What vitamins do you take?

  10. In checkers..red or black?

  11. Is The Crow a great movie?
    i’ve never seen it

  12. Do you wear all black frequently?
    no. i used to. i like variety

  13. Do you ever call yourself a poet, artist, or musician?
    Has your writing been published, your art been hung in a gallery or your band been signed?
    Does it matter?
    1: nope, i just like drawing, 2: in school yes, although i was disappointed i didn’t get “artistic student” award >__> 3: no not really. but at the time i was disappointed.

  14. When insects get into your house, do you kill them or catch them and take them ouside or leave them alone and let them live with you?
    i catch them and put them outside. . . unless its big then i get scared and want someone else to do it XD

  15. Name at least one person who’s birthday is in:
    May- 兄、兄の友達Idaris
    July-ムチちゃん (its actually on 七夕 ! )
    Nov- お母ちゃん
    Dec- me

  16. Do we start to die the day we are born or start to live the day we die?
    the first one

  17. Have you ever called your mom or dad a four letter word?

  18. Do you believe america should go to war with iraq?
    no. they meddle in other people’s business too many times.

  19. Agree or disagree?
    “There is too much concern in courts for the rights of criminals.” Agree
    “Abortion should be legal.” It is legal. what are you talking about? its my vagina! i’ll do whatever i want with it.
    “The death penalty should be abolished.” Disagree
    “Marijuana should be legalized.” i dont agree or disagree. . .its just a plant jajajaja XD if you use it in shampoo it actually makes you hair really nice
    “It is important to have laws prohibiting homosexual relationships.” no i disagree
    “The federal government should do more to control the sale of handguns.” yup. i think we should have gun law/control like japan does
    “Racial discrimination is no longer a major problem in America.” disagree. maybe not legally but people still are racist
    “Wealthy people should pay a larger share of taxes than they do now.” totally agree
    “Colleges should prohibit racist/sexist speech on campus.” agree
    “Same-sex couples should have the right to legal marital status.” agree
    “Affirmative action in college admissions should be abolished.” what?
    “The activities of married women are best confined to the home and family.” activities of women are none of your business 😛
    “People should not obey laws which violate their personal values.” agree but also disagree
    “Federal military spending should be increased.” very very very disagree. US military is already huge and have bases all around the world. they should put these bases only in US or something and fix their own problems.
    “Realistically, an individual can do little to bring about changes in our society.” agree and disagree

  20. Let’s say that after you die you become a spirit and you join all the other spirits. Not all of them have lived. You are talking to some who have never lived about how you HAVE lived. One of the spirits who has never lived says they think they will travel to earth in a human body soon and live. They ask you what three things on Earth should I be sure not to miss? You say…

  21. going to the beach
  22. eating various cultural food
  23. kissing someone

  24. What kind of ass is the sexiest (flat, round, tight, hard, meaty, juicy, small, big, stacked, packed, petite, barely there, curvey, muscular, etc.)?
    round, tight, muscular or actually doesnt have to be muscular. butts are butts. it’s kind of boring when men wear pants that are too baggy because then i can’t see. 😛

  25. Is there something beautiful and special about everyone?
    If yes is there something beautiful and special about Hitler? no he was just stupid
    How about Bin Laden? equally stupid

  26. Have you ever moshed? no what is that?

  27. Do you like sushi?
    yes. particularly maki sushi. but not california style that much because it hides the seaweed flavor.

  28. What mood are you in?  a good one
    What does your mood depend on? what happens in the day
    What depends on your mood? didn’t you just ask me that?

  29. wHAT IS faith? i dunno
    what is common sense? hmm. . .common knowledge
    Do you have either or both of them? i have common sense

  30. Is perfection or imperfection more beautiful?
    there is no perfection. therefore there is no imperfection. i just like it how it is.

  31. Would you think a person doing the following things has a healthy or unhealthy level of insanity?
    gives the finger while driving? 

tells their life story to people they just met?

not very healthy. . .
walks up to people and tried to convert them to a religion?

unhealthy. i really hate that.
says blah?


  1. Do you think this is a great line of poetry? why or why not?:
    “Journey with me into the mind of a maniac. Doomed to be a killer since I came out the nutsac”
    i’m confused. . .

  • Do you think that song lyrics are poems with music?
    sometimes it can be. other times its just good beats. sometimes music doesn’t need lyrics

  • In cases of rape which do you think is more of a crime, a stranger rapes a girl OR a girl’s boyfriend rapes her?

  • both. women are majestic as fuck and should not be treated as such

    1. Did you know that in the USA it is considered to be LESS of a crime if a rapist knows the victim (because it is ‘less of a crime’ the rapist gets a less severe punishment)? Do you agree or disagree and why?
      i disagree with this. rape is rape

    2735. In the USA aa few weeks ago a guy had beaten up and raped his girlfriend, for which he got 70 days of community service. He had been found guilty, got a year and a half of jail, BUT can you guess why his sentence was reduced to mere community service? He had a steady job. That’s right. He was found less guilty, because he had a long-term steady job.How does this make you feel?
    i think someone should have raped him. another man in jail specifically. that situation would never happen in Puerto Rico. doing anything wrong with women and children is the highest offense anyone could do. you can have fight with people, steal, rob, but doing anything wrong with women and children is REALLY not tolerated. did you know? there was a guy that raped a woman and he went to jail for it, and the story goes that inmates raped him multiple times and cut his body into little pieces and flushed them down the toilet or put it in huge garbage bins because his body was never found. everyone knows this story. ya. don’t mess with me.

    1. Does the character limit of notes or entries annoy you more?
      no ^^


  • Have you ever been trapped in an elevator?

  • What is more important, tact or honesty?

  • Do you have a mentor? Who?
    yes. stephen in florida. he helps me with animation and art stuff for when i am in florida.

  • If you like guys:
    would you rather have a ‘bad’ guy (motorcycles, smokes, drinks, etc) or a ‘good’ guy (family, domesticated, nice guy)? 

  • i would want a ‘good’ guy from these options you gave me. i wouldn’t feel comfortable introducing a ‘bad’ guy like you say to my family members. . .

    Would you rather have a virgin or a more experianced guy?

    1. Do you feel nervous in crowds?
      no ^^ i actually like crowds

  • Did you write a real entry today? yes
    What about? about train man and Kimura Takuya and Mokomichi Omote

  • Was it your best writing?
    i think i have no best writing >_<”’

    1. Do you like to play the lottery?

  • Guess what?

  • Why did you choose to live one more day?
    because there is someone that has captured my interest ///^^///

  • What is the most beautiful myth you have ever read/heard?
    o cant remember the name but its some super old japanese tale

  • Have you ever been stood up?
    yup. kinda pissed me off but whatever. their loss.

  • 2750. Finish the following sentences any way you want:
    It’s always darkest before..

    you wake up
    Never underestimate the power of..
    of vaginas
    Don’t bite the hand that..
    has poison ivy
    A miss is as good as a..
    another miss?
    If you lie down with dogs, you..
    fall asleep
    Love all, trust..
    only some
    The pen is mightier than..
    the pencil. XD
    An idle mind is..
    a mind with no thoughts
    Where there is smoke, there’s..
    Happy is the bride who..
    marries a gentle man
    Two is company, three’s..
    is a group
    None are so blind as..
    You get out of something what you..
    When the blind lead the blind..
    the leaded are then blinded
    Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Cry and..
    find your friends shoulder for support

    1. What’s the most interesting assignment you ever had in school?
      a storyboard about a mini story i made. i want to animate it! ^^ because my teacher said it has really good potential to do well! wuoooo!

  • What’s the most interesting thing you ever had to do for work?
    i’m not sure

  • Do you feel:
    insignificant? no
    unable to evoke change? no
    like one person can’t change the world? no
    like one life and one person’s suffering doesn’t mean very much? no
    If you answered yes to any of those can you describe why in detail?

  • Are you aware that your brain is the same size as Albert Einstein’s brain?
    Do you realize that you have the same number of hours in a day as Abraham Lincoln?
    Did you know that Franz Kafka wrote all of his amazing litterature during his lunchbreaks at work?
    no i didn’t know. who is that?
    Did you know that we are all made of matter and that you are made of the Same Thing that Jesus was made of?
    yup. its called chemistry my friend 😛
    Do you still believe that you couldn’t contribute as much to society as they did?
    If yes than WHY?

  • Is your mind in the gutter?
    no. it’s in my skull

  • What do you have to complain about?
    nothing right now

  • 2758. Do you remember rock n’ roll radio?
    i never knew what that was . . .

    1. Is there such a thing as a food that you burn more calories from digesting than you actually absorb from it?
      aaaaaah. . .i duno
  • Hey, if you’ve gotten this far than you and me go way back. We’ve been hanging out for a while now and I gotta know..do you like me?
    i don’t know you

  • What are you doing, Dave?
    i’m not dave. . .

  • As far as love goes do you feel it is better to become complete before looking for someone or find someone who completes you?
    become complete first. because you need to be happy with yourself. asking someone else to make you happy is not healthy

  • What attracts you about the opposite sex (or same sex, or both sexes)?
    many things ^^

  • Do you need people or do you not need anyone?
    i need people

  • Is selfishness always bad?
    not always
    Is selflessness always good?

  • Do you feel like your life is being controlled by a power structure?

  • Can you name three things in society that send the message that being completely yourself and that looking inside yourself and contemplating what’s within is a good thing?
    um . . .

  • Can you name three things in society that send the message that materialism and the accumulation of stuff is a good thing?

  • What is more important, a picture or it’s frame?
    a picture
    What is more important, spirituality or religion?
    how are those different?

  • How many definitions can you come up with for the wword ‘fuck’?

  • Is it less offensive when a black person says Nigger than when a white person says it?Why or why not?
    i dont really know. . .i think no one should use that word

  • Do you rationalize often?

  • Do you believe that america is an imperialist nation?
    no. its a republic

  • Would you agree that:
    hot topic is the new abercrombie? no.
    pink is the new black: no. black will always be black
    you are the new you? no. because i am always changing

  • Do you have more internet or real life friends?
    real life

  • What IS the feeding of 5000?
    i dont know

  • What’s an easy way to make money?
    strip or host club. if i didn’t have dignity over my body i would do it , but im not.

  • What’s your favorite slang word and what does it mean?

  • Are you uncomfortable?

  • Is anything definate besides death and taxes?
    sex! definitely sex! i duno i just tend to think of these things more before going to sleep. . .

  • Would you rather live fast and die young or live slow and die old?
    live slow. im in no rush

  • Can you name 4 people who have committed crimes against humanity?
    How do you think they live with themselves?
    i have no clue. they must be crazy

  • If you could imagine, pure fantasy, any God you could concieve, how would you want God to be?
    i cant imagine a god

  • do you think the smashing pumpkins have a strong christian theme?

  • Do you think this survey has a strong christian theme?
    no but it comes up sometimes

  • Fill in the blank for yourself”
    Give me ____ or give me death!
    sex jajaja. no no its liberty

  • Have you ever heard of the USA patriotism act?
    Apparently they have passed laws making torture legal. Also the FBI can sneak and peek into ANYONE’S home. They don’t have to ask or even tell you they were there. This is already the law. So, whaddaya think?
    fucked up man. they are perverts!

  • The people in power step all over the average citizen, trying to secure all the power and money for themselves and leave us with no rights and under their control. They have the audacity to do this because they know that we will not lift a finger to stop them. Are they right?
    no. ill just move to another country and then all those people that left have left the country underpopulated, and they are gonna be shitting in their pants.

  • The Free State Project is a plan in which 20,000 or more liberty-oriented people will move to a single state of the U.S. to secure there a free society. They will accomplish this by first reforming state law, opting out of federal mandates, and finally negotiating directly with the federal government for appropriate political autonomy. They want to be a community of freedom-loving individuals and families, and want to create a shining example of liberty for the rest of the nation and the world. What’s your opinion? Could this work? Why or why not?
    let’em do it.

  • 2790. Have you ever seent e Neverending Stroy?
    Remember when Bastian has to prove his worth by looking in that mirror where you see yourself the way you really are with no pretenses, rationalizations or mental lying?
    Could you stand yourself if you looked into that mirror?

    1. What is soilent green?
      i dont know. a type of green?
  • What are you proud that you have never done?
    hmmm . be a pregnant teenager i guess?

  • What things are hopeless?
    people sometimes

  • What Are People For?
    to eat, piss, sleep, fart, shit, live, etc

  • What book do you feel could change someone’s life?
    kama sutra

  • Didja ever want to just walk up to the Bush administration and ask them, ‘What the fuck?’
    no. i was kind of young to understand what was going on

  • How do you take your coffeee?
    i dont drink cafe. its strange because i love the smell of cafe in the morning, but i dont like drinking it. i prefer hot chocolate

  • Have you ever plaied:
    paintball? no but i wanna try!!!!!!!! my friend is really good at paintballing but he’s busy TT_TT
    lazer tage? nope
    which is better? i have only done lazer tag so far , so i can’t answer this question

  • In what ways are you lucky?
    could be many things

  • If Jesse Jackson wants reparations to be given to black people because he thinks that black people don’t have equal opportunities in this country than why does he drive a Jaguar?

  • cuz hes a hypocrite



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