Signing With AEON

February 8th 2015

Got my package yesterday. Apparently they send it through another delivery service that isn’t the post office. I guess here they have privatized delivery services? So it was a little bit of a hassle to call yet again and wait for it to come, but it came, and not it’s in my hands.

Basically the package comes with your:

  • Foreign Teachers’ Policy Manual
  • Contract
  • Agreement Contract (basically saying you agree with the policy manual, using bicycles in Japan, importing and exporting dangerous goods, and that you’ll stay in the Aeon apartment)
  • Advertising Agreement (they take pictures inside the school and post it on their websites for their customers to see. Here’s an example. And they just want you to make sure you’re aware of it and agree to have pictures taken of you.)
  • a paper summarizing your job responsibilities
  • and 3 papers regarding their dress code (though a simple list would have worked out just fine for me)

The policy manual is like. . . . 26 pages long. They write in some unnecessary things that are common sense (I think they’re trying to target people who have extreme lack of common sense or have styles or behaviour that is extreme to Japanese standards), but they do have a lot of valuable information. Apparently, when you move into the AEON apartment (as of now. I know that in earlier versions, they weren’t providing this), they have appliances, kitchen supplies and simple accessories like a bookshelf, carpet, curtains. But you have to keep a tab on these since when your contract ends, your manager and you of course, will check of a list saying that all those things are still there. If not, then you pay for them. So don’t throw them out, even if you don’t like them.

Contract, Ads Agreement, and Agreement Contract are pretty straight forward. Same with the paper summarizing your job responsibilities. Then there are those papers that talk about the dress code. Honestly it made me confused just reading it, because they’re mainly talking about what styles they don’t approve. They’re like what McDonalds used to be before they fired all the heads and changed the dress-code to a more free and casual one. In other words, old-school. That’s the gist that I got.

So that means, I have to gasp TRY to go shoe shopping. Right now I only have one pair of “professional” black shoes, and then I have my booties. Both are fine, but both have heels, and I’m a flat shoe-type of person.

It’s going to be close to impossible to try and find shoes fitting this professional style, much less in my size. Probably will be looking at mens shoes also, since they simply just don’t have my size. Even for socks!

Did I tell you that?

I shop for socks in the guys section, because womens socks are small on me. 25 size socks fit me but they are smaller than what they are suppose to be like. But I do like shopping and I do need actual pants (not capri pants – I hate those. They make you look short and fatter), so when I move I’ll go to H&M. wuuhuuu!

Otherwise, I’m gonna be reading the policy manual today (the parts I didn’t bother to read yesterday), write my questions down, and after that comes the phone call on the 16th. This coming Thursday with the lady who recruited me and whom I also did the one-on-one interview with. Looking forward to a new step in my career. (I’ll be by Kita-Senju station. A little bit up north from Tokyo. I looked it up and Kita-Senju station is about 15-25 minutes away from Shinjuku. Can’t beat that. Although still not sure where I’m living. . .>__>)

End Note: In the Policy Manual, they have a section on SNS and blogs stating, “AEON teachers are responsible for protecting the privacy of the students, staff and the company as well as upholding the reputation of AEON. The employee must not disclose any private, personal, sensitive or proprietary information to individuals or entities outside of the company. Serious infractions may lead to the employee’s immediate dismissal.

Any public Internet postings, including those made to social networking sites, personal websites, blogs, journals, bulletin boards, etc., should be made with discretion. The employee should not reveal personal or business information about AEON, its employees or students. Using the name of any student or employee as well as photos on such sites is strictly prohibited. Posted photos should never depict staff, students, or the school at all in any situation. Any employee who does not adhere to the above will be asked to immediately remove any and all such information from the site. Serious infractions may lead to the employee’s immediate dismissal”.

What is tricky about that is when they mention “upholding the reputation of AEON”. This means that you don’t want to say anything publicly, in a place where you record your words for others to read; even when these bad things do exist. It’s like when you ask a Japanese person what they like and don’t like about (insert category here), and they will say like one bad thing but immediately refer back to the other good points that seem ordinary. It’s like Amish who don’t say anything bad about their communities, and make it seem all nice and pretty. But in reality we all know it’s not so.

Also when they say ‘sensitive information’, you just wanna be careful not to hurt anyones feelings. So better write all those honest thoughts of yours in a private entry/diary that you only let a special few access to or no one all. I’m sure if your friend saw all your honest thoughts you wrote about them in your diary, they would either be pissed off, disappointed, sad, or all of the above but they chose to read it. So this will probably be the end of me mentioning any specifics before I sign that contract and agreement contracts.

By the way, this is what happens after that group interview and one-on-one interview. You wait for them to call you, and from there you get a little bit of information and them just wanting to make sure that you will go ahead working with them. From there, they tell you to wait for the package to come, and here I am now. 🙂

After comes another phone call with you and your recruiter signing the contract (over the phone). Then they ask you basic things to send them like passport photos, and a picture of your passport, (My passport picture was from years ago so I still look like the child version of myself. XD), and just send it to them by a given date.THEEEEEEEEN, you’ll go to the location they told you for training. They vary depending on what area you will work in. You’ll stay there, get your training done, and then move to your apartment and start working.

I don’t really know yet how the homing situation will be solved during that time, but like always I’ll keep you posted.


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