February 8th 2015


You heard me. . . or well read me.   ?

I’m talking about periods. And not the kind that go at the end of a sentence. I mean women periods. Girl stuff. Which guys need to learn about ‘cuz every girl has it. Your mom has them. Your girlfriend has them (if you have one). Your friends who are girls have ’em. Heck, your gramma either has them or USED to have them. Lucky her.

I don’t understand why people are shy or embarrassed to talk about it. It’s not like I get a sexual kick out of it. In fact it’s the total opposite. I get annoyed or either I make a joke out of it. But its part of life really. Like, every single freakin’ month.

It’s nothing pretty and it’s not suppose to be. And yes. Sometimes it may hurt than other times, but it really depends on what you’ve been doing with your foods, your exercise, whether you play sports or not (how active you are), and just your general body. It’s different for every girl and it’s no secret to us what it’s like once we start having them. So why are many girls embarrassed to speak up?

I’m not sure.
But I’ll let you know about it.

If you’re a close friend (anyone that I’ve known for more than a few months), I’ll let you know why I’m just more tired than usual. I got my period.

Why are you more tired than usual Llesi?



Because my vagina is falling out.
And the sad thing is, is that I’m not even scared of blood on anyone anymore.

This is why when you complain about going to the dentist or getting that annual physical check-up, I feel no sympathy for you. I gotta deal with this EVERY MONTH!!! 



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