5000 Questions Part 23

Originally Posted on the 11th of June 2013, 11:55pmish
(Real day of post: 11日6月2013年, a las 23:55ぽい)

2101. Are you an optimist?


  1. If you were in the Breakfast Club, which character would you be?
    i haven’t seen that
  2. Who do you have no respect for?

  3. Is the plural form of cactus cactuses or cactii?

i dunno . . .
Is the plural form of penis penises or penii?
jajaja it would be funny if there was. maybe there is? i dunno

  1. What does your favorite coffee mug look like?
    it’s small and has a handle and lines aren’t perfect. i got it as a present from one of the representatives from the japan mcdonalds.

  • Have you ever gotten hurt at a concert?

  • What age do you think it is most difficult to be?

  • 2108. Do you like to be considered wierd or different?
    i dont really care. everybody is weird and different

    1. Do you think you could handle a day in jail?
      i’m not sure. . .

  • Is your body an amusement park?
    that’s the first time i’ve heard that. hmmm. i guess

  • Are dj’s obsolete?

  • What is the best liquid in existence?

  • What is turning out better than expected?
    the odds of me moving out of this dump

  • Who is the most overbearing person you know?
    no one

  • Who does it surprise you that you are close to?
    no one

  • Apparently Eminem got booed at the MTV music video awards because he was making fun of Moby onstage. What do you think of this?
    dont really care

  • Close your eyes. What do you see?
    a lot of black and red

  • What’s the best Van Halen song?

  • What do you picture when you hear the word “Puritans?”
    i picture puritans

  • Have you ever been on a trampoline?
    yes.!!!!!! love it!!!!!

  • What do you use batteries for the most often?
    wii console and wii balance board

  • What do you find thrilling?

  • Porch swing. Sunrise. What else could you ask for?

  • Where’s the sexiest place to have a piercing?
    i only have piercings on my ears: 3. used to be 4. so i guess my ears? but that’s not really sexy. . .

  • Do you get panic attacks?

  • How long does getting dressed to go to a club take you?
    same as any other time. i dont take very long to get dressed.

  • Does your body need improvement or is it just fine?
    needs improvements. my hamstrings are too tight, etc.

  • Does watching MTV or reading beauty magazines make you feel bad about yourself?

  • What is the most romantic movie ever?
    um . . . . . . . .geisha? i kinda like fantasy/action/sci-fi stuff more

  • Do you think that woman are treated as second class citizens of this world?
    in some countries yes

  • What would you do if you were at a dance club with your signifigant other and he or she got into a fistfight with someone?
    id pretend like i dont know him. 😛 jajaja but seriously? i dunno if i would be able to stop it cuz im not that strong

  • Has anyplace ever asked you to leave?

  • Have you ever been openly kicked out?

  • Are you permanently banned from anywhere?

  • Who is your favorite movie director?
    tim burton

  • What topic do you hate to talk about?
    atom bombs. there’s not much to say about it.

  • Are you looking forward to the remake of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory or do you think it could never be as good as the original?
    both movies were good in their respective ways

  • Do you enjoy the band Ministry?
    dont know them

  • What is your coziest article of clothing?
    pajamas: underwear

  • What is your favorite word to say?
    crap, dude, piss off

  • Does your name and your signifigant other’s name feel like one word to you?

  • Do you like the band the Buzzcocks?

  • Can you tell when other people are lieing?
    yes. sometimes no if i dont know the person too well

  • Do you like to wear glitter?
    no. its so annoying! it looks pretty but annoying

  • Would you prefer to wrap your own presents or have them all giftwrapped?
    wrap them myself

  • Where do you go when you want to meet new people?

  • What is the best first sentence to a book, in your opinion?

  • 2151. Should fun or safety come first?
    depends on what you’re talking about

    2152. Does mind over matter work for you?

    1. What’s the most weight you ever lost in one year?
      15 lbs

  • What are your feelings about punk and goth?
    they’re cool i guess

  • Did you ever write something when you were high and then looked at it sober and realized that it was nonsense?

  • How often do you shave:
    (guys) your face?
    (girls) your legs? every week
    (girls) under your arms? every other day

  • What word do you often hear people misuse?

  • Have you ever used somebody?

  • Are you paranoid?

  • What is the best music video of all time?
    tong hua by michael wong. that shit made me cry the first time i saw it.

  • How many Shakespeare plays have you read all the way through?
    i havent read any

  • What was the deepedst religious or spiritual experiance you’ve ever had?
    aaaaaah when i was born?

  • What is it like to be you today?
    super boring. i was just working on my thesis all day

  • Do you like to play games?

  • Have you made any good friends on this diary site?
    not applicable

  • Have you met anyone from open diary?
    not applicable

  • What have you done lately that gave everyone something to talk about?
    i dunno

  • Do you get along with people who annoy you, disagree with you, dislike you, and hate you?
    i keep harmony with them.

  • When you ask for something do you make a request or a demand?
    depends on what it is and when

  • Who is on your christmas list this year?
    myself. but i just want 2 things and probably wont get them anyways. it really doesn’t matter to me. i just like enjoying my time more than presents

  • How many other people do you know of that are doing this survey?

  • Have you ever intentionally had a one night stand?
    no. not into it. go fuck someone else

  • Do you tend to get car sick?
    only if i read while in a car

  • What is the legnth of your hair?
    around shoulder length.

  • Do you like to listen to techno music?

  • Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?
    hmm.  no

  • What do you think of these diary names?
    Oculto: interesting
    suffer victim: boring
    With A Purpose: ok
    Almost_Famous: boring
    In.The.Name.Of.Lust: interesting
    The Phallic Stapler: eeeh. so so
    <>SeXyCandace<>: boring

  • What do you think of these entry titles?
    Lesbians … as far as the eye can see: interesting
    Why Avril Lavigne sucks: boring
    Call On Jesus: boring
    Buddha-licious: ok
    WeLCome To The JungLe!: ok
    Geektastic: ok
    Should i get an abortion?: so so

  • What do you find beautiful in an atypicaal way?
    i have no clue

  • What would you PHYSICALLY fight someone over?
    im not sure if i would go that far

  • What was the last thing you were invited to?

  • What do you like
    a bunch of shit 😛

  • Have you ever drank:
    chartruese? no
    absinth? no

  • Do you plan your outfits ahead of time, pick them out the morning of, wear whatever was on the floor, or wear what you slept in?
    pick ahead of time or the morning of

  • How long have you ever gone without changing your
    sheets: about a month i think
    clothes: a day
    underwear: 2 days (it was a camping trip and no there are no showers in the woods)
    toothbrush: about 5 months i think?

  • What item should not be shared?

  • How do you keep control of your temper?
    i do something that i know will keep me focused

  • If you could gain all of your dreams by giving a family member (little brother) to the goblin king who would turn him into a goblin, would you?

  • Do you like to listen to Duran Duran?
    dunno them

  • Do you ever feel the need for MORE than life has to offer?
    not really.

  • What is your favorite children’s story?
    la llorona

  • Do you think that adult books should have more pictures?
    sometimes. depends on the book cuz some really dont need pictures to begin with

  • What was your all time low?
    probably in middle school

  • Do you make up songs and sing them to yourself when you’re alone?

  • Do you like to listen to the Smashing Pumkins?
    i’ve only heard maybe 1-2 songs and didn’t like  them that much

  • Do you see the expression of emotion as weakness?
    eeeeeh. i used to think that

  • Are you prepared in case of chemicle, biological and nuclear attacks?

  • no way at all


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