5000 Questions Part 26

Originally Posted on the 13th of June 2013, 12:10pm
(Real day of post: 13日6月2013年, a las 12:10ぽい)

2401. Does love come from the brain, the heart or elsewhere?
our minds

  1. Have you ever given a shot? no
    If not, do you think you could give one to a loved one if you HAD to? yup. no problem
    Do you think you could give one to yourself? yup
  2. Can you lick your elbow?
    Come on, didja try?
    i cant do that

  3. If i was going to be talking to you for 10 minutes, what would be something really intersting you know a little bit about but would like to know more??

  4. If today was a holiday, what would it be?
    green day

  5. If you were making a mix tape what would you HAVE to have one it?

  6. What do you think of the Sopranos?
    its a tv show

  7. Can you name three good things about the society you live in?
    How about three bad things?
    a) variety in food, ok weather, import of foreign manufactured goods b) socialization between strangers, high prices, shitty education system

  8. Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?
    How about your boss?
    yup. never had a boss yet

  9. What is the differance between acting like someone in high school and acting like an adult?
    for some people there is no difference

  10. What is the differance between a whopper and a whopper jr?
    i dont know

  11. Have you ever seen a movie in 3D?

  12. How difficult do you think it is for immigrants to come into your country?
    How difficult is it for them to become citizens?
    not difficult at all. that can be difficult but if you have good help from certain people the process wont seem so frustrating. really its just a bunch of paperwork and regulations to go through.

  13. Do you have what it takes to go live in another country, maybe for years, where you don’t speak the language as your first language?
    yup. i would do that in a heartbeat

  14. have you ever died in your dreams?

  15. What clothing size are you?
    What size do you wish you were?
    it depends what pieces you are talking about. for dresses i have no idea. pants = 3 or 5. shirts = small (sometimes medium), skirts really depend on the maker. yup

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12(and lotsa people think she’s HOT)?
i think she was jacked up on drugs.

  1. Does science leave room for faith?
    it can
    Does faith leave room for science?
    it can depending what religion you are taking about.
  • What book should our political leaders read and why?
    an IQ test booklet. they need to be able to pass an IQ test

  • Why and under what circumstances are people more likely to buy brand names ragher then thier generic counterparts?
    im surprised how many times that actually happens, but i really dont know cuz ive never payed attention to brand names.

  • What is your favorite glass object?

  • Do you like to window shop?
    not really

  • Have you ever loved someone so much it just turned to hate?

  • What is arrogance?
    choosing to stick to some thinking/point of view and choosing to not listen to what others have on that matter

  • Are you more liberal or conservative?

  • When there is a presidential election in the USA why do we never hear anything about the third party candidtes? Do you even know who they were last time?
    i didnt know

  • Are you more likely to buy one really nice expensive outfit or a couple of cheap outfits?
    id rather buy a couple of cheap outfits

  • If you could, would you wear everything once, throw it out and buy something new?
    even if  could i wouldn’t. that would be such a waste

  • Do you believe that people have a responsiblity to be:
    good to other people? yes
    good at their job? yes
    helpful to the earth(not litter, recycle)? yes
    aware consumers(not buy animal tested products, not buy products that were made in sweatshops, etc)? yes
    non-wasteful (not spend their money frivolously when they could save it to help others)? it depends
    charitable (donatine money, volunteering)? it depends
    Which of the aabove are you? duno

  • How do you feel about the internet?
    Should there be laws and censorship on the internet?
    its pretty cool. no

  • Can you think of any questions that aren’t already on this survey?

  • Does sleep seem like a little death to you?

  • At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn’t real?
    maybe around 5? i dont remember

  • How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet?:
    Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like a variety?:
    i like a little variety. plus there is also special occasions where you need different shoes.

  • How many lovers have you had?

  • Have you ever had surgery? For what?
    yes. teeth and eyes and birth

  • What puts you in the mood for sex?
    making out

  • Have you ever been on alcohol or drugs while at school or work?

  • What do you think of Martha Stewart?
    some of her cooking is really yummy

  • What do you think of:
    British people? kinda boring
    Australians? its so hard to mimick their accents
    Americans? also equally boring
    Canadians? no opinion
    Mexicans? they’re alright. mexican women are weak
    French people? no opinion
    Germans? no opinion

  • What do you do to cure the hiccups?
    hold my breath as long as i can

  • What is the FIRST thing you do when you come home from school or work?
    take shoes off, take lucy out

  • Are you a slob?

  • Do you have a good work ethic?

  • Are you a pack-rat?

  • 2451. Do you roll your eyes alot?

    2452. Do you prefer b-sides or remixes?

    1. What makes the world go ’round?
      gravity in space

  • Is Blink182 punk or pop?
    i see them as pop

  • Do you remember Fat Albert?
    i learned about him

  • Do you take things slowly, as they come?
    sure. but most times i just go out there and do it

  • Are you laid back or tense?
    laid back mostly but tense sometimes

  • Are you insecure?
    in some ways yes

  • Imagine you aare working in a soup kitchen. You are supposed to give each person on the line a half a cup of soup. When hungry people come up to you do you just end up emptying the cabinets for them?

  • Why can’t ywe give ourselves one more chance?
    Why can’t we all just get along?
    cuz sometimes people screw up badly and dont deserve a second or third chance

  • What bands do you want to see live that you have never seen?
    bruno mars, imagine dragons

  • Do you like raunchy songs (like that lick ny neck, lick my back, lick my pussy, lick my crack song)?
    ive never heard of that song

  • Do you think that the Beatles are still the Beatles without John Lennon?

  • Do you like the band Squeeze?
    dont know them

  • When you are angry or upset do you know you’re being irrational but you can’t really stop?
    i can stop. i choose not to cuz im pissed

  • Is there room in your life for one more trip to the moon?

  • Where are they now:
    Your first best friend in elementary school? i have no clue
    your first crush? no clue
    your first boy/girlfriend? um. . . .probably still living in illinois. duno
    your first love? duno
    your first lover? thats the same thing

  • Do you have a lot of self pity?
    no. i dont need to pity myself

  • have you ever had something really good come out of something really bad that happened to you?
    with good there is bad.

  • What is one of your secret delights? chocolate. but thats not really a secret
    What gives you a cheap thrill? rollercoasters
    What is your biggest guilty pleasure? none

  • Have you ever misinterpreted song lyrics in a funny way (I used to think that ‘wake me up before you go, go’ was ‘wake me up and buy me cocoa’)?
    yup. many times

  • What are the most popular/overused diary names?
    no clue

  • Are you under pressure?

  • How well do you know yourself?
    not very well apparently. i just get surprised when people are able to read me so easily

  • Is ‘soul’ such an old fashioned word? yup
    Is ‘love’? no

  • Name a person you love:
    How do you love them? Let’s count the ways…

  • Does your place have a lawn gnome?

  • Do you ever wonder, ‘why me’? no
    When? never

  • Is rap a form of poetry?

  • What’s the differance between a player and a baller?
    i duno

  • What imagery do you get from the words ‘woodsmoke and herbs’?
    wood, smoke, and herbs

  • How many days until your birthday?
    um . . . about 6 months

  • have you ever MEANT to hurt anyone?

  • What are 3 things you don’t know?
    i dont know many things. that what life is for. to learn them

  • Do you usually feel physically well or unwell?

  • Would you ever submit your picture to be ‘rated’ on one of those ‘hot or not’ websites?
    sure. just to be curious of what people would say

  • Why are there hardly ever any fat people in movies?
    its movies we are talking about here!

  • Is there any differance between what’s real and what’s for sale?

  • Are you funky?

  • Do appologies always make things all better?

  • Let’s just say that there is a huge ass bomb that can blow up the Whole Planet..it is set to blow up in 100 years. You can push the button to stop it but if you do you Will die. You only have this one chance to stop it. Do you stop it?

  • Let’s say someone else found the button to stop it instead of you. Do you think it is their moral obligation to save humanity at the expense of their own life?
    it wasnt their obligation. it was just a choice they made

  • What’s the silliest name you can think of?
    Latienda. i met someone with that name and i couldnt stop laughing.

  • It’s the middle of the night and you are home alone. Someone knocks on the dorr and says their car breoke down and asks to use your phone. What do you do?
    ignore em

  • If a cop pulled you over and asked if he could search your car what would you say?

  • Are you meek or nasty around cops?

  • If you were me and I was you then where would we be?
    in different places

  • What has been the greatest invention so far?

  • 2500. We are at question 2500. Do you REALIZE what this MEANS??!!!

    that we are at question 2500.


    5000 Questions Part 25

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    (Real day of post: 13日6月2013年, a las 11:44ぽい)

    1. Who is the hottest celebrity you can think of?

    2302. Have you ever been to the following diaries(on opendiary.com)? If yes, what do you think..if no, then based on the name, does it sound interesting to you?
    Hicks: not interesting
    Shukhevych: not interesting
    Cinderella: same

    Oliver: same
    A tinfoil valentine: same
    Burning River: same
    joebeginswithajay: same

    1. Do you ever get so nervous that you can’t even think?
    2. Do you sing when there is no music?

    3. Would you rather cast a spell or say a prayer?
      cast a spell

    4. Why does the US dollar bill have a pyramid on it?
      cuz the old white dudes didn’t have their own legendary american structures

    5. Who was the best political leader in history and why?
      im not sure

    6. What was the first sex toy you ever used?
      none so far

    7. If you hated a book, would you burn it?
      no. id just sell it

    8. What are your feelings about pornography?
      i dont need it

    9. What are your feelings about people who are against pornogrophy?
      i dont care

    10. If you could dance with anyone in the world right now, who would it be and what song would you dance to?
      . . .

    11. What is your favorite flavor of schnapps?

    12. Finish this sentence your own way. There are two types of people in the world…
      the people who think they’re smart and the bitches who know they’re smart

    13. What have you saved since elementary school?

    14. Have you ever won an award?

    15. Are you more:
      good or evil? both
      wise or foolish? both
      safe or dangerous? both
      satisfied or envious? satisfied
      honest or decietful? honest
      faithful or perfidious? faithful
      sane or mad? both
      strong or weak? both
      enigmatic or plain? both
      aggressive or peaceful? peaceful
      brave or timid? brave
      humane or cruel? humane
      critical or appreciative? both
      temperamental or calm? calm
      sad or happy? both
      normal or unusual? both

    16. How do you feel about Terri Schiavo?
      dont know who that is

    17. Do you feel more connected to the sun or the moon?

    18. Do flaws make people interesting to you?

    19. Who is your favorite historical figure?
      kanno sugako

    20. White bread or wheat bread?

    21. Would you rather never have sex again or have sex once with a walrus?
      never have sex again with a walrus 😛

    22. Would you rather sky dive or deep sea dive?
      both actually

    23. What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?
      give them my love and time

    24. What is your favorite pick-up line?

    25. Do you usually do things fast or right?

    26. What will the most common halloween costume be this year?

    27. What was it last year?

    28. Is love a choice or something that can’t be helped?
      cant be helped

    29. What is youur preffered method of birth control?

    30. Is there someone you see everyday (or sometimes) that you would like to hug and talk to but you just don’t know them well enough?

    31. Are you or have you ever been in a band?

    32. Here are 4 statements about me. Only one of them is true. Which one is it?
      a. I lost my mind doing drugs.
      b. I’ve been arrested before.
      c. I have 9 cats.
      d. I have a children’s book published.

    B is true

    1. What do you think of the smashing pumpkins?
      they’re ok

  • Would you wear a thong bathing suit in public?

  • Hello I love you won’t you tell me your name?

  • If you had to be surgically attached at the hip for two years to either Britney Spears, George W. Bush or an ugly creepy troublesome but nice troll, who would you pick and why?
    o_________o don’t you have any better options? i guess britney spears then

  • Let’s assume that there is a “meaning of life,” a reason for humans to be here on this planet. Would you give up both of your legs and one of your arms if it would mean everyone else would learn the meaning of life?

  • If you could meet God and talk to him for 5 hours, -or- find out whether or not there is intelligent life on other planets and make contact with them, which would you pick and why? (Note: If you meet God, you will never find out if there is intelligent life on other planets, so you can’t ask God if aliens exist. Also, you would get no proof that you had talked to him or her. And finally, if God doesn’t exist then you don’t get to meet him or her!).
    i would pick the second one. sounds more interesting.

  • Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, or the Breakfast Club?
    pretty in pink

  • Before you read this question, pick a person from your life, any person. (You have to be thinking about someone before you continue!). Would you rather have the ability to watch that person for one hour per day, or would you rather have that person watch you for one hour per day? Who is it and why? (you pick the hour – they don’t know that they are being watched – it’s like there are invisible TV cameras following them around)?
    watch them. im not gonna say who. why? because its interesting to watch others.

  • Would you rather be guaranteed to have your dream job or never be heartbroken?
    dream job

  • Have you thought about death today?

  • What is your favorite breakfast?
    japanese bread toasted with honey

  • What is your favorite classic movie?
    Twilight Seibei

  • Gold or silver eyeshadow?

  • Are you the life of the party?
    not always

  • Do you wish you were?
    a human with superhuman powers

  • Sdrawkcab daer uoy nac?

  • yes. slowly but yes

    1. If you realize that a student at your school or a colleague from your job has plagerized part of their work from the internet. What do you do?


    1. What does your computer look like when you aren’t looking at it??
      a computer that isn’t being looked at

  • If you aren’t looking at it, how do you know it’s still there when your back is turned?
    cuz its innanimate object

  • If you hit an animal with your car would you get out to try and make sure it was okay?

  • If it was someone’s cat (collared with address) would you knock on their door and appologize for hitting the cat?
    probably not. . .

  • How do you feel about the people who are teased in high school sueing the bullies who teased them for emotional damage?
    a waste of money.

  • Do you have an interest in any of the following:
    guns: no
    explosives: yes
    marilyn manson: no
    trench coats: no
    the mafia: no
    death: no
    satanism: no
    nazis: no
    that doom game: no

  • Do you believe that people live in their own worlds or realities or do you think we all share the same world/reality?
    i think we have different realities because we all see the world diffirently in some way while at the same time seeing things in the same way. its like our personal universes overlap sometimes

  • Do you believe that Nazism was a characteristically German thing, or do you think a similar type of government could spring up in any country?
    well just look at north korea right now. kinda deppressing

  • Is your diary in the internet archive wayback machine (http://www.archive.org/web/web.php)?

  • When do you get your most peaceful and satisfying sleep?
    when im totally exhausted physically and mentally

  • What thought gets you out of bed in the morning?
    relaxation and food

  • Do you get along better with guys or girls (as friends)?
    guys. girls it depends where they are from

  • What does tx81z stand for?
    i have no idea

  • How many points is the letter Z worth in Scrabble?

  • In poker, which hand is better: four of a kind or a straight?

  • What is the official language of Australia?

  • On what continent would you find British Columbia?
    canada/ north america

  • Have you been to homestarrunner.com?

  • What promise could you never keep?
    if i cant keep i promise then i dont make it a promise cuz i dont like breaking promises. ever.

  • No cat has 8 tails.
    Every cat has one tail more than no cat.
    How many tails does every cat have?

  • What are you a member of?
    depaul uni.

  • If you and your mate were stranded at sea on a scuba diving trip like in the movie Open Water, how would you survive?
    i would look for an island

  • Do you feel confident that you would know what to do under emergency circumstances?
    yes. just depends on what circumstance you are talking about

  • Have you ever been stood up?
    yup. i never talked to him again.

  • Use a similie to describe yourself.

  • Good. Now use a metaphore.
    flowing water

  • Have you ever had an unusual piercing?

  • Have you ever experianced culture shock?

  • Imagine you were trapped in one of the world trade center towers on 9/11/01. Who would you call and what would you say to them in those last few minutes?
    i would call my family and tell them how are they doing and that i would see them tomorrow

  • Do you ever go to school or work when you feel like you do not look your best??

  • Does doing this effect your whole day?

  • What was the last movie you watched and what did you learn from it?
    stargate continum (2002). i learned that some directors out there aren’t very creative

  • Do you believe that everyone who doesn’t believe in your religion is going to hell?

  • What is the best thing about winter?
    hot chocolate and staying inside

  • Do you ever shovel your neighbor’s walk?

  • How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?
    not many times

  • Have you ever looked back at someone you loved and wondered ‘what attracted me to THEM?’

  • What do you think of Drew Barrymore?
    he’s a person

  • Name one thing you refuse to ever do.

  • Nmae one place you refuse to ever go.
    north korea

  • Do you think people see you more as who you are or what you are?
    isn’t that both the same thing?

  • Pick 3 random letters:
    Now think of the first 3 things that pops into your head that starts with each letter.
    T, R, B:  tits, rainbows, bras

  • Do you dress more revealing or more to cover up?
    i dress to look good.

  • What does it take to be a ‘real gentleman’?
    thats a good question :P. if you dont know that then i cannot tell you

  • Where would you go if you were going somewhere you don’t usually go?
    blood donation center

  • On the first sept 11th anniversary, the new york lottery’s winning numbers were 9,1 and 1. Do you believe this is fate, coincidence or a conspiracy/plan?
    i dont really care about that so i have no opinion on it

  • Have you ever noticed that there is a lie in the middle of the word believe?
    now i did

  • When (and if) people (or animals) go to heaven, do they become angels?
    they would have to seriously go through a genetic mutation really quickly in order to be able to have BOTH arms and feathered wings.

  • What is your most important body part?

  • center/torso

    5000 Questions Part 24

    Originally Posted on the 11th of June 2013, 12:18am
    (Real day of post: 11日6月2013年, a las 00:18ぽい)

    2201. Do you have a favorite song by The Cure?


    1. Are there things you’ve never told for fear that others would judge you?
    2. Do you have a favorite Glen Miller song?

    3. Can sex ever be casual?
      um . . . i dont think so

    4. Who was the last person to let you down?
      idont want to say

    5. Do others feel that you expect too much of them?
      i dont know that

    6. Did you forgive the last person who hurt you?
      i guess not

    7. Does one bad deed outshine many good deeeds?
      depends. if we’re talking about cheating yes

    8. Would you like to go on television to receive a make-over?

    9. What will no one ever see you do?
      hmmm. thats a good question. dream?

    10. Are you quick to anger?
      sometimes yes

    11. Are you slow to forgive?

    12. Do most people around you have a positive attitude?
      not really . . .

    13. What do you need help with?
      nothing so far. unless you want to paint my walls for me and do a good job , ill gladly let you do that.

    14. Do you know a lot about geography?
      probably not

    15. Do you take the easy way out of things?

    16. What is your favorite fabric to wear?

    17. Would you finish this survey if it went up to 10,000 questions?
      sure. it would just be really really take a long time

    18. Would you rather visit the dessert or the rainforest?
      dessert. already visited rainforest. lol i lived next to one. well i dont mind going to another rainforest.

    19. What does Domo Oregato Mister Roboto actually mean?
      you’re actually spelling that wrong. its: どうもありがとうミスタロボット. it means thank you mr. robot. (or could be robert or roberto)

    20. Do you still make a wish when you blow out your birthday candles

    21. Make a wish now:

    22. Do you look for four leaf clovers?

    23. What are you the guardian of?
      my heart

    24. Do you treat people differently based on their appearance?

    25. Are you for or against censoring child pornography?
      there shouldn’t be child pornography to begin with

    26. Are naked child images in paintings more acceptable than photographs of naked children?
      depends what kind of painting. like if its one of those really old canvas paintings from europe, well yea thats fine. i mean have you seen those baby angel things? and if you mean by baby pictures, those are fine too. i have my own naked baby pictures.

    27. Now that we can create such lifelike digital images, do you think it should be allowed for digital child pornography to exist (as in there were no children involved in the porn, it is all digitally made, the kids aren’t real, they just look real)?
      thats fine. but gross

    28. Do you like wheel of fortune or jeopardy better?

    29. Are you a fan of the Clash?

    30. How do you feel about Jerry Orbuch’s passing on?

    31. What celebrity are you dreading the future death of?

    32. Are you a fan of Joy Division?

    33. If you were going to ‘make over’ your diary what theme would you give it?
      a pink one?

    34. What is your favorite tarot deck?

    35. How do you feel about file sharing (especially movies and music)?

    36. How do you feel about wicca and paganism?
      sure. interesting sometimes. but dont really know much about them

    37. Do you believe that people who practise the above religions are able to accomplish magic?
      i dont know much about magic to answer that question

    38. If you were given the opportunity to lead a creative writing program for a small group of students in a high school with a low budget in generally poor neighborhood, would you do it?
      um . . . sure why not

    39. If you could pick anyone who would you want living next door to you?
      a person i like preferably or a really good friend

    40. If you were a tarot card which one would you be?

    41. Should high school cafeterias stop serving twinkies and other fatty foods?

    42. Would you rather that McDonalds took a lot of fat out of their fries even if they wouldn’t taste as good?
      you do know we are talking about potatoes here. . . the only fat that comes from it are the oil from the friers

    43. Do you neglect your friends when you have a signifigant other?
      no. although i’ve had a few friends that are like that and it kinda pissed me off a bit cuz after they break up its like they expect you to act the same way as before like nothing happened. you should make some sort of equal time for your special someone and friends.

    44. Do you think that an advertisement for a cake decorating set would make good song lyrics?
      not really. it would just make me hungry

    45. Would a band that used this ad for song lyrics take off or just fizzle out?
      they could take off

    46. Are you more practicle or imaginative?

    47. Can you see beautiful colors without closing your eyes?

    48. What are the four best songs or bands to listen to while making love?
      bruno mars, bi/rain, hmmm i have to think about it some more

    49. What do you believe in?

    50. What band is so romantic that anyone who listens to them must be romantic at heart?
      i have no idea

    51. Are you a fan of Roxy Music?

    52. Can you ever say something that hasn’t been said or do something that hasn’t been done?

    53. When was the last time you were up all night?
      a few days ago (doing work)

    54. Do you enjoy wasting time?

    55. Why do people use safe notes?
      i dunno

    56. Have your gods and idols let you down?

    57. Is a place in the country your ideal?
      not really . . .

    58. Have you ever developed a photograph?

    59. Have you ever courted anyone?

    Has someone courted you?
    i dont think so

    1. What do you waste?
      sleep time

  • Have you ever silk screened a t-shirt?

  • Is there anything that you tend to make that most people usually buy rather than make themselves?

  • When was the last time that you were neither going to school or working for a month or more?
    i cant remember

  • Is alcohol an excuse you use to be yourself for a while?
    i havent done that thus far

  • What is your light at the end of the tunnel?
    a lamp

  • Speaking of the light, is the light that people see when they die the random firing of electrons or is it something more?
    i dunno . havent experienced it yet

  • Do you ever step back thinking of life’s inner meaning and your latest fling?

  • Can anyone guess what band/song I am listening to right now?

  • When was the last time you were embaressed?
    about a month ago

  • If you were going to have a mural painted in your bed room what would you want it to be of?
    the ocean

  • Is sex more about fullfilling a need or giving yourself?
    i think its both

  • Do you like your belly?

  • Do you think more or act more?

  • Do you ever think about the price of gasoline?

  • What is the healthiest food to eat?

  • Have you ever read:
    Jonathan Livingston Seagull? no
    Ender’s Game? no
    Memnoch the Devil?no

  • Should there be a mandatory retirement age?
    yes! lol

  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done on impulse that worked out well?
    talk to random strangers

  • List everything you have eaten in the past 24 hours:
    yakisoba, pita chips, hummus, hot chocolate, water, koala march chocolates

  • Do you listen to your intuitions, feelings and tingly sensations?

  • Do you know a lot about the city you live in and do you think it’s important to know a lot about it?
    no and no

  • If you were at the Everything in the Whole Wide World museuem what would you want to see first?
    the history section

  • Have you ever read:
    Lost Souls? no
    The Shining?no
    Damnation Game? no
    Pearl Harbor?no

  • have you ever read brave story by miyuki miyabe? no didn’t think so

    1. Do you have any excercise tapes or dvds?

  • Do you own a pair of lucky underwear?

  • You’ve been feeding a wild cat but it’s annoying your neighbors. You can not adopt it but youu must get rid of it. Which is kinder, taking it to a no-kill shelter that will keep it in a cage for the rest of it’s life or having it put to sleep?
    i would ask around for others if they want to adopt

  • Can you spell “mouse” without singing it (at least in your head)?

  • What’s a word people should use more often?

  • What is the longest word you can type using only the top (letter) row of the keyboard?

  • tripe

    1. Do you listen to other people’s advice?

  • Would you ever consider putting your entire cd collection on your hard drive and thn selling the cd’s?

  • What do you think of this survey so far?
    its ok. recent questions have been kinda boring and/or lame

  • What is one question that hasn’t been on this survey yet but should be?
    how many sex partners i’ve had

  • Does ‘liberty and justice for all’ mean for all americans or all people?
    all people

  • What do you believe that you think EVERYONE should agree with?
    that food is delicious

  • Does the sound of crickets bother you?
    yes. i like coquis better.

  • Is the sound of a fan on at night soothing?

  • How do you feel you will likely die?
    i have no clue

  • If you were going to run away where would you go?

  • some other state.

    5000 Questions Part 23

    Originally Posted on the 11th of June 2013, 11:55pmish
    (Real day of post: 11日6月2013年, a las 23:55ぽい)

    2101. Are you an optimist?


    1. If you were in the Breakfast Club, which character would you be?
      i haven’t seen that
    2. Who do you have no respect for?

    3. Is the plural form of cactus cactuses or cactii?

    i dunno . . .
    Is the plural form of penis penises or penii?
    jajaja it would be funny if there was. maybe there is? i dunno

    1. What does your favorite coffee mug look like?
      it’s small and has a handle and lines aren’t perfect. i got it as a present from one of the representatives from the japan mcdonalds.

  • Have you ever gotten hurt at a concert?

  • What age do you think it is most difficult to be?

  • 2108. Do you like to be considered wierd or different?
    i dont really care. everybody is weird and different

    1. Do you think you could handle a day in jail?
      i’m not sure. . .

  • Is your body an amusement park?
    that’s the first time i’ve heard that. hmmm. i guess

  • Are dj’s obsolete?

  • What is the best liquid in existence?

  • What is turning out better than expected?
    the odds of me moving out of this dump

  • Who is the most overbearing person you know?
    no one

  • Who does it surprise you that you are close to?
    no one

  • Apparently Eminem got booed at the MTV music video awards because he was making fun of Moby onstage. What do you think of this?
    dont really care

  • Close your eyes. What do you see?
    a lot of black and red

  • What’s the best Van Halen song?

  • What do you picture when you hear the word “Puritans?”
    i picture puritans

  • Have you ever been on a trampoline?
    yes.!!!!!! love it!!!!!

  • What do you use batteries for the most often?
    wii console and wii balance board

  • What do you find thrilling?

  • Porch swing. Sunrise. What else could you ask for?

  • Where’s the sexiest place to have a piercing?
    i only have piercings on my ears: 3. used to be 4. so i guess my ears? but that’s not really sexy. . .

  • Do you get panic attacks?

  • How long does getting dressed to go to a club take you?
    same as any other time. i dont take very long to get dressed.

  • Does your body need improvement or is it just fine?
    needs improvements. my hamstrings are too tight, etc.

  • Does watching MTV or reading beauty magazines make you feel bad about yourself?

  • What is the most romantic movie ever?
    um . . . . . . . .geisha? i kinda like fantasy/action/sci-fi stuff more

  • Do you think that woman are treated as second class citizens of this world?
    in some countries yes

  • What would you do if you were at a dance club with your signifigant other and he or she got into a fistfight with someone?
    id pretend like i dont know him. 😛 jajaja but seriously? i dunno if i would be able to stop it cuz im not that strong

  • Has anyplace ever asked you to leave?

  • Have you ever been openly kicked out?

  • Are you permanently banned from anywhere?

  • Who is your favorite movie director?
    tim burton

  • What topic do you hate to talk about?
    atom bombs. there’s not much to say about it.

  • Are you looking forward to the remake of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory or do you think it could never be as good as the original?
    both movies were good in their respective ways

  • Do you enjoy the band Ministry?
    dont know them

  • What is your coziest article of clothing?
    pajamas: underwear

  • What is your favorite word to say?
    crap, dude, piss off

  • Does your name and your signifigant other’s name feel like one word to you?

  • Do you like the band the Buzzcocks?

  • Can you tell when other people are lieing?
    yes. sometimes no if i dont know the person too well

  • Do you like to wear glitter?
    no. its so annoying! it looks pretty but annoying

  • Would you prefer to wrap your own presents or have them all giftwrapped?
    wrap them myself

  • Where do you go when you want to meet new people?

  • What is the best first sentence to a book, in your opinion?

  • 2151. Should fun or safety come first?
    depends on what you’re talking about

    2152. Does mind over matter work for you?

    1. What’s the most weight you ever lost in one year?
      15 lbs

  • What are your feelings about punk and goth?
    they’re cool i guess

  • Did you ever write something when you were high and then looked at it sober and realized that it was nonsense?

  • How often do you shave:
    (guys) your face?
    (girls) your legs? every week
    (girls) under your arms? every other day

  • What word do you often hear people misuse?

  • Have you ever used somebody?

  • Are you paranoid?

  • What is the best music video of all time?
    tong hua by michael wong. that shit made me cry the first time i saw it.

  • How many Shakespeare plays have you read all the way through?
    i havent read any

  • What was the deepedst religious or spiritual experiance you’ve ever had?
    aaaaaah when i was born?

  • What is it like to be you today?
    super boring. i was just working on my thesis all day

  • Do you like to play games?

  • Have you made any good friends on this diary site?
    not applicable

  • Have you met anyone from open diary?
    not applicable

  • What have you done lately that gave everyone something to talk about?
    i dunno

  • Do you get along with people who annoy you, disagree with you, dislike you, and hate you?
    i keep harmony with them.

  • When you ask for something do you make a request or a demand?
    depends on what it is and when

  • Who is on your christmas list this year?
    myself. but i just want 2 things and probably wont get them anyways. it really doesn’t matter to me. i just like enjoying my time more than presents

  • How many other people do you know of that are doing this survey?

  • Have you ever intentionally had a one night stand?
    no. not into it. go fuck someone else

  • Do you tend to get car sick?
    only if i read while in a car

  • What is the legnth of your hair?
    around shoulder length.

  • Do you like to listen to techno music?

  • Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?
    hmm.  no

  • What do you think of these diary names?
    Oculto: interesting
    suffer victim: boring
    With A Purpose: ok
    Almost_Famous: boring
    In.The.Name.Of.Lust: interesting
    The Phallic Stapler: eeeh. so so
    <>SeXyCandace<>: boring

  • What do you think of these entry titles?
    Lesbians … as far as the eye can see: interesting
    Why Avril Lavigne sucks: boring
    Call On Jesus: boring
    Buddha-licious: ok
    WeLCome To The JungLe!: ok
    Geektastic: ok
    Should i get an abortion?: so so

  • What do you find beautiful in an atypicaal way?
    i have no clue

  • What would you PHYSICALLY fight someone over?
    im not sure if i would go that far

  • What was the last thing you were invited to?

  • What do you like
    a bunch of shit 😛

  • Have you ever drank:
    chartruese? no
    absinth? no

  • Do you plan your outfits ahead of time, pick them out the morning of, wear whatever was on the floor, or wear what you slept in?
    pick ahead of time or the morning of

  • How long have you ever gone without changing your
    sheets: about a month i think
    clothes: a day
    underwear: 2 days (it was a camping trip and no there are no showers in the woods)
    toothbrush: about 5 months i think?

  • What item should not be shared?

  • How do you keep control of your temper?
    i do something that i know will keep me focused

  • If you could gain all of your dreams by giving a family member (little brother) to the goblin king who would turn him into a goblin, would you?

  • Do you like to listen to Duran Duran?
    dunno them

  • Do you ever feel the need for MORE than life has to offer?
    not really.

  • What is your favorite children’s story?
    la llorona

  • Do you think that adult books should have more pictures?
    sometimes. depends on the book cuz some really dont need pictures to begin with

  • What was your all time low?
    probably in middle school

  • Do you make up songs and sing them to yourself when you’re alone?

  • Do you like to listen to the Smashing Pumkins?
    i’ve only heard maybe 1-2 songs and didn’t like  them that much

  • Do you see the expression of emotion as weakness?
    eeeeeh. i used to think that

  • Are you prepared in case of chemicle, biological and nuclear attacks?

  • no way at all

    5000 Questions Part 22

    Originally Posted on the 10th of June 2013, 10:23pm until 11:04pm-ish
    (Real day of post: 10日6月2013年, a las 22:23から 23:04までっぽい)

    2001. Can you believe that we have only gotten through two fifths of this survey so far?

    seriously?!?!?!!! i feel like this thing is never gonna end! TT_TT

    1. What is your opinion of Dave Coulier?
      dont know who that is
    2. If you were to a write a Choose Your Own Adventure book, what would it be about?
      ooooh that would be so much fun! :DDDDD i think i would add fantasy, mystery, adventure, romance, history, etc. i dunno i would really have to think about it

    3. What was your best find from a flea market, garage sale, ebay or thrift store?
      clothes mostly, and an iphone rilakkuma case

    4. What do you not have enough money for right now?
      school and a car

    5. Do you believe that Teras for Fears were right when they said, “Everybody wants to rule the world?”
      in some way everyone does want to rule the world

    6. What is the design on your beach towel?
      a surf board. i love it. and its a mixture of blue and green and yellow

    7. What stirs something deep and animalistic inside you?

    8. Have you ever cross dressed (even as a joke)?
      no not really

    9. Do you own anything with a rainbow on it?

    10. What would be the worst object for a child to take on a long car ride with you?
      a knife or a chukky doll

    11. What’s the Best Beatles song in your opinion?
      let it be. personally i like the remake of it, not the original. and the i am a walrus is pretty good too

    12. Why do you suppose that diary sites are more popular with females than males?
      cuz girls i guess like to talk about their own drama

    13. What do these color combinations remind you of:
      orange and pink: passion fruit
      pink and green: nothing
      green and gold: money/wealth
      purple and gold: european royalty colors
      gold and red: asian royalty colors
      red and white: japan flag
      blue and grey: bad taste in color combination

    14. What is one selfish thing you tend to do?
      start sentences with “i think”. i curse my ESL teacher who taught me to start sentences in that way. its pretty obvious that what u say is what you think.

    15. When do you think technology will catch up with the Jetson’s?
      i dunno

    16. What made you laugh today?
      a text from Jose

    17. Do you ever stick your entries in any of the diary circles?

    18. Can you freestyle rap?
      jajaja .. aja    ajajajaja   jajaja .   no

    19. Are you:
      stylish? yes
      shiek? yes
      smart? yes

    20. Do you find yourself only buying brand name products?
      no. i really don’t care if its brand name. how do you think they started as a brand name anyway? from being like any other pair of product. if i like it, i like and thats it.

    21. Would you ever want to buy an article of clothing or an acessory because you saw a celebrity wear it?
      no. i dont pay attention to what celebrities wear.

    22. What song do you feel the sexiest dancing to?
      money make her smile by bruno mars

    23. Who do you know who looks silly when they dance?

    24. Sweaty sex or clean sex?
      both are good. depends on the mood of the time.

    25. Which is more important to you: being kind or being right?

    26. Can you do any special dances like swing, tap, or ballroom?

    27. Are you scared of monsters?

    28. Who would you like to remind people of?
      kanno sugako

    29. Do you walk to school or do you bring your lunch?
      i walk, take the train, take the subway, and just buy lunch. sometimes i bring it to school if its a snack. but usually go out to eat lunch

    30. Rate your skills from one to ten (10 = you are the best at it):
      socializing: 8
      making friends: 8
      working with computers: 6
      arts: 10
      crafts: 10
      dancing: 8
      skating: 10
      talking other people into things: 4
      writing: 5
      living life to the fullest each day: 10
      cooking: 7
      gardening: 1
      cleaning up after yourself: 10
      playing poker: 1
      surviving in the woods: 9
      managing your time: 9.5
      attracting the opposite sex (or same sex if you prefer): um. . . i dunno about this one.

    31. Have you ever been to an indian reservation?

    32. What is going to happen tommorrow that you can celebrate, even if it’s a little thing?
      the finishing of finals

    33. Do you save things for special occassions or is everyday a special occasion?
      i tend to save things for special occasions. but many times, little simple things i take as special occasions

    34. What is one thing you are terrible at:
      manipulating people

    35. What do you get your teacher or your boss for the holidays?
      food. some sort of snack that is nicely wrapped. good thing for mitsuwa.

    36. Do you like to read books by Virgina Wolfe?
      i dont know who that is

    37. What is your favorite tv show from when you were a kid?
      rugrats, hey arnold, catdog.

    38. What is now proved was once only imagined. – William Blake.
      What do you imagine?
      i think of justice? or technology. for example, once you start talking about the gadgets that old cat man? had, are actually true today. comic books were the first to have ideas like automatic doors (which i find annoying), and cellphones, and laser beams, etc.

    39. What has been passed down through at least two generations to you?
      well its not hair color cuz only me and my ma have brown hair and even hers is more black than mine. actually im the only one with light brown hair. everyone else has black hair. i dunno actually. kinda sad now that i think about it.

    40. Do we live in a particularly bad age for romance?
      no. some people just dont know how to do it

    41. Have you ever cheated on someone?

    Do you believe that once someone is a cheater they can never be trusted?
    yes. for me at least. if they cheat on me. i say goodbye, and thats the end of it. if they honestly believe that i will give them any chance, they think wrong.

    1. Have you ever gone:
      christmas caroling? no
      pumpkin picking? no
      on a hay wagon ride? no
      on a romantic valentine’s day date? no
      to a new year’s eve party? yes
      to a memorial day parade? no
      to the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade? no
      to search for gold coins on st patrick’s day? no

  • Have you ever done any modeling?

  • Would you consider yourself to be psychologically damaged?

  • How aware are you of the reasons behind your actions and words?
    pretty aware

  • What is the sickest you ever drank or drugged yourself?
    at a friends party. i ended up sleeping in their brothers room. couldnt drive back home.

  • Would you prefer it if clothing was optional?

  • What is one interesting fact about you:
    i wish i had some sort of interest in being a mechanic cuz then i would always have a job

  • Are more people depressed because they are alone, or are more people alone because they are depressed?
    the first one

  • Have you ever gotten a mug, t-shirt, key chain, etc. that was personalized with your picture?
    with a picture that i drew yes.

  • What was the last thing that you experienced for the first time?
    some random guy shouting at me “you are beautiful”. wait actually that wasn’t the first time. ok nevermind.

  • If you were going to die tomorrow and you were leaving a postcard for someone to read after you were gone what would it say?
    i love you

  • If you were about to be executed what would your last request be?

  • What kinds of people do you find intimidating?
    just my ma.

  • How much conviction do you have in your feelings and beliefs?

  • In your house where is the:
    crazy glue? dont have any
    flashlight? in my room

  • Out of everyone you know who has the most personality?
    i think Yizhou He.

  • If you could go back in time to experince a musical movement or era, which one would you choose to live through?
    ugh. . . this sounds boring already. um . . . i guess the Edo period

  • Do you suffocate people with your love?

  • Do you feel your life is charmed?

  • What character do you identify the most with from Winnie the Pooh?
    Kanga or tiger

  • When do you do your best thinking?
    when i’m sleeping

  • What motivates you?
    that i want to get something in the end, or i have a goal and these are the things i need to do in order to get to that goal. so i guess my goal is what motivates me

  • Look back at all the people you’ve dated. Has there been a pattern?
    no. its been pretty random actually. although i’ve never dated a white guy. there has been a pattern yes. they are all exes’ . 😛

  • Things change but what will always remain the same for you?
    nothing remains the same.

  • Is divorce something you would ever consider or do you feel that marriage is permanantly binding?
    if it comes to that its definitely an option. . .

  • What’s the strangest movie you ever saw?
    Tampopo!!!!!!! those random sexual scenes just didn’t make sense and had nothing to do with Tampopo wanting to make a better ramen shop. and even some of the stuff they were doing. i wasn’t disgusted or anything. i was just thinking, “what is the point of that?”. and Carlos goes, “ill do that with my girlfriend and let you guys know”. jajajaja

  • If you could go into virtual reality and set up your life there to be perfect and it would seem real but not be real would you trade your life now for the virtual life?
    in some ways yes

  • Does it seem like life is more difficult for you than for anyone else?
    no because i dont know the specifics of other peoples lives

  • What are you grateful for?
    food, water, shelter, support

  • What was a choice that you didn’t want to make but you had to?

  • Have you ever had dental surgery?
    multiple times

  • At what point exactly are you grown up?
    depends on the person. and does it really matter? i mean i have no problem acting like a kid for things that excite me. like if you tell me there’s a castle building contest, i’m so going for it!!!

  • If there was a weightloss procedure that would destroy your ability to taste food so you wouldn’t be tempted by junk food, would you have it done?
    no. i barely eat junk food anyway. or almost none.

  • What is one thing that happened that you never expected?
    moving to another country

  • If you called one of your friends and they said “It’s nothing personal but I don’t want to talk to anyone right now,” would you take it personally?
    no. i’d just say ok and hang up

  • What is your favorite girl’s name?
    Luna or Lima

  • Do you ever feel guilty for being more fortunate then others?

  • If you had to wear a shirt with one word on it for a year, what word would you choose?

  • What is evian spelled backwards?

  • You drop 10 pounds of feathers and a ten pound bowling ball off the top of the same building. Which will hit the ground first?
    bowling ball

  • Even though you may never get what you want, are you happy because you’re trying?
    knowing that i would never get what i want? no

  • If you started a petition what would it be about?
    marriage legalities

  • When was the last time you asked someone to do something and they said no?
    this morning

  • Do bad things happen to you on friday the 13th?

  • If you had started a relationship with someone and they said that it would be best if no one knew about it just to see how it goes, would you be offended?
    i wouldn’t be offended. i would be suspicious because that doesn’t lead to a good start. so when they tell me that, then i would respond that, “ooh ok. yea i totally understand. you’re thinking i’m this type of girl. well i’m sorry but i’m THIS type of girl. im sorry you got us confused”. break it up and move on

  • Do you know any self defence? 

  • no
    How about CPR? i used to know

    1. If you had to look into a mirror and see your naked soul stripped of all delusions and pretenses (Never ending Story style)could you handle it?

  • Are you a genius?

  • How did you find out that Santa Clause wasn’t real?
    i asked for something i wanted and didn’t get it

  • Which is your favorite tarot card?

  • Does the internet seperate people or connect them?
    it separates them more if they are in close vicinity in real life. if in real life they are far away then the internet connects them.

  • Have you ever written a letter to a soldier?

  • Does pain and fear make you feel alive?

  • Are you:
    good looking? yes
    thin? yes
    happy? yes
    successful? yes
    confident? yes

  • Are you deciseive or wishy washy?
    both. depends on situation and context

  • Do you feel pop stars should be morally responsible to set a good example for their fans?

  • at times. it doesn’t really matter to me.