Short Stories

    This is still the same assignment that I was working on before, but I realized he wanted us to write 5 dramatic moments. We also have to write a reaction to first 3 chapters of this book called “Screenplay”. Took 30min to read it…but i’m not going to put that here cuz you will be bored… I still have to get ready for my other classes. So busy. So here are the rest of my shitty writings. 😛


After waiting around 1 hour, I’m ready to go!

“So what is your name?”

“I’m Lian. And you?”

“I’m Mari. Nice to meet you.”

    She looks back down at whatever it is that she was doing on her cellphone. Her body is faced forward with feet pointed to the sitting isle across from her. I raise one of my eyebrows and keep my torso faced to her.

“So…” Lian stops texting on her cellphone. “Are you excited about our trip?” With a huge smile on my face, eyebrows raised and my full attention on Lian.

“Well yea. Of course!” Isn’t making eye-contact.

“I really hope we can have time to go to Tokyo and just go shopping and going to Roppongi or Harajuku!! That would be fun yea!”

    You know that feeling when you’re talking to a total stranger, and all of a sudden there is just so much to talk about?! I mean, you talk about one topic but then you divert to something else 10 seconds later because you just HAVE to say it!!! But then you go back to what you were saying before because you want to make sure you don’t leave anything unsaid.

    Your mind is going so much faster, those neurons are just racing each other to see which thought will be able to win and finally express themselves, you can’t keep sitting down on some boring seat waiting for an announcement and would rather get up and start jumping up and down, walking quickly up and down the hallway, checking out how tall you are against the other person, and smile and laugh at everything the other person says even if it isn’t funny, and feel really really really impatient when it comes to your turn to talk, and all these things just never end!!!


“Hey, I’m just gonna go climb it now. Is that ok?”

“Yea.” Huff, huff, huff, huff. “Go ahead. I’ll take my own time and meet you up there.”

I’m still looking at her on the floor just completely exhausted; legs lacking any hint of life, sweat anywhere skin is exposed trying to fan herself but anyone knows that doesn’t work.



“Ok…..I’m going.”

“Don’t fall.”

    I walk over and start climbing. These steps are huge! Take the length of a foot from a basketball player and times it by 2. Maybe 3 is a better description. That is how much the height of a step is. The height is much larger than the width, so putting even my own 9 size foot on a step is a difficulty on its own.

    I’m a little higher now, and holy shit! There is nothing to hold onto, other people are standing taking pictures of  themselves with their front facing the steps. If they fall….

    Remind me to not look down!

    How the hell did the incas do this everyday?!!!!

Agua y Burbujas

“Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. YEA BITCHES!!!!!!” Yansua raises one arm up to the sky, while still holding onto the handle with the other hand.

    The wind is making our cheeks flap like an old lady putting way too much energy and effort into waving, I can’t keep my eyes completely open which sucks because I want to see everything! All of a sudden the driver decides to go at full speed!


    We hold onto the handles more tightly, the boat starts to take a sharp turn, and then nothing. Just a lot of bubbles, water, foamy bubbles and more bubbles. My body twists and turns and rolls while I hold my breath. I feel like I’m inside a washing machine. My neck is extended, I don’t know where my legs are (I feel them but I can’t see them), I twist and turn again and focus on putting more strength in my arms. I swim up to the surface, bubbles floating up with me touching every inch of my thighs and stomach. Everything is quiet. My fingers touch the air and in one full swoop, I take the biggest breath of fresh sea air.

Otra Vez Te Ví

No Puedo Parar

    Show as much skin as possible while still being conservative over the important parts.

    We are all human.

    Once you see on, you’ve seen pretty much all of them. There are slight differences but they all have the same functions.

    Before stepping outside, I sprayed sunblock on everything exposed. Wearing a bikini with a short cotton skirt and a thin white overthrow with a bunch of holes on it, sandals and my brothers bag, I leave the loft. The sun is out, it’s around the high 70’s and I’m taking every chance I get! I don’t wear my ironman sunglasses because then I’ll get a weird reverse raccoon tan. But I can’t think of anything else but him!

    Since last night and now, that’s all that my mind can think of. Waking up, taking a piss, taking a shower, brushing my teeth, morning exercise, eating breakfast, turning on the stereo, opening the shades on the windows, looking at the sofa, drinking water, fixing my hair, picking out my clothes, spraying sunblock, leaving the loft, listening to my iPod, walking 2.2 miles to the beach, spreading the towel, laying under the sun, listening to the waves. I’m driving myself crazy! I can’t stop thinking of him! I can’t stop staring at my phone!

    And for what?! Everything I do doesn’t change my thoughts. My heart is on top of a cloud that I keep trying to jump up to but it just keeps floating higher and higher and higher. I try to catch it with a fishing pole, doesn’t work. I use an arrow to shot it down, doesn’t work. I try to use a kite so that it can fall back down, doesn’t work. Throwing soda cans to see if it falls, still doesn’t work. Throwing rocks at it to make it fall….

    Nothing seems to work.


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