Otra Vez Te Vi

Originally Posted: 6th of April 2013, 8:22pm

Another writing assignment for screenwriting class.
I actually had time to think about what to write this time! XD

    I still remember that day, when the sun was out. Not too hot, not too cold. Humidity level was acceptable. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a walk down the stores, warm small breeze fanning my face, and wait.

    “Mom let’s go in here”.

    There are all these little dogs. And so CUTE!

    Right then and there I spot one. WHether this dog is a girl or a boy doesn’t matter to me. It was tiny and cute and soft and loved my touch. I have never known this feeling before; holding such a small thing close to my chest, just looking into my eyes like there was no one else there that mattered. 


    It wasn’t an interest of mine at the time to care for anything. I’m not selfish. It just never crossed my mind. It’s not something that I thought about. But in that instance I knew I wanted to care for someone as small as her. I knew nothing about her and she knew nothing of me. As far as she was concerned, I could have been a scary giant.

    But no.

    I held her in my arms and didn’t want to let go. I didn’t want to say goodbye. I didn’t want to feel loss. I didn’t want to cry.

    Quickly we went back to our house, picked up the TV and drove to another store to sell it. My heart was pounding and reaching for something not there. My hands? Well forget about that. There was not a time when they stayed still.

    With the money we got from the TV, we came back for her. 

    I rushed for her.

    I looked nowhere else except for her!

    Those few seconds, trying to figure out where she is, everything else became blurry. My heartbeat and my breath were the only things I could hear. I was focused and I wasn’t going to give up. But I found her again. And I saw her again. And she saw me again.

    I picked her up again

    and this time

    I didn’t let go.



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