Originally Posted: 29th of April 2013, 10:42pm

Has anyone ever told you, you are beautiful? Has anyone ever told you that you are a beautiful person inside and out? Did they hold a gaze only with your eyes and ignored everything else that was happening at that moment? Did they tell you they don’t need to look at other people because they have you, the best one to look at in front of them? Was your heart racing?

Did your face feel hot? Did you feel forced to stare back at those beautiful eyes and melt every wall you had built? Did they start getting closer all the while only staring in your eyes  but noticing every move, every twitch your body makes? Did you finally notice how their eyes are lighter when you get a closer look with beautiful short eyelashes that protect them from harm?

Did you stare at their lips and how increasingly they kept getting closer and closer and completely taking over your personal space? Did you feel that with anyone you would have stepped back but somehow that doesn’t cross your mind right now? Did they have that particular smile you only get to see? Did their eyes lower to get a good look at your lips?

Is your heart still racing but your mind blank? Did you feel nervous because they kept staring at you and not saying anything? Did you have anything to say that would add any value or stupidity? Did they make you feel that special way where nothing matters and your emotions are flying on a cloud?

Did you go back home not thinking about anything else? Did that person stay in your life?


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