Originally Posted: 8th of May 2012, 4:43pm

Here’s another thing I hate the most!
When I’m already in college, and I still encounter those ‘men’ who smell like they haven’t taken a shower for months, and probably need to get an extreme make-over.
You know who I’m talking about right? That person that you sat next to, and now that you realize that THEY are the source of that awful smell, you regret ever sitting there in the first place. Yea, that person! And trust me, it’s not the first time that this has happened to anyone. It just amazes me how even in college, guys think they can still get away with that. Sure, it’s cute when you’re 3 years old that you jumped in a puddle of mud, but let’s get serious here. I’m talking about guys that are already 20 years old, lots of facial hair, and most likely aren’t jumping into pools of mud.
Whatever happened to taking showers (or baths) everyday? and don’t forget the deodorant! Taking a shower is not enough! YOU NEED DEODORANT!
Another thing that makes me wonder is if these guys are even trying to get girls. I’ve experienced one that used to be in my English class, and most of the time he hung out with only guy friends. BINGO! If this type of guy is ever thinking of getting together with a girl, he seriously needs to start taking care of himself. Trust me, the results are always good. Girls like guys who clean and take care of themselves. A little acne here and there is ok, since these things are natural. (It happens to us too.) But having so much to the point where it covers your whole body? No…
Don’t think too extreme with this. Girls also don’t like guys who take care of themselves too much. You know, the ones that look at themselves in a mirror more than the girl? Now that’s just being conceited and odd for a guy to do in the first place. We don’t want the type that does to a spa every weekend either. Just as long as the guy looks good and clean is good enough.
Of course, this is coming from my mouth so there is other opinions about this from other girls. One fact that is common from anything that girls say is, the guy needs to clean himself!
Love yourself first, and others will love you back.


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