Fake People

Originally Posted: 8th of May 2012, 4:52pm

I am not sure how many of you may have experienced this or know of the feeling;
those whom you have recently met and have kept in contact for a while. Or maybe friends
whom have been your friend for a while, but have not kept in contact very well recently.
They piss me off!

How can you tell they are really friends or just being politely friendly to you? I know
a few ways to tell them apart:
Fakes –>

  • will invite you to an event or place, but will never tell you the details. And once
    you speak with them again, they will never mention the situation to you.
  • talk to you at the general place you have met (school, work, etc.) but keep the
    friendship solely to chit-chat and nothing more
  • are all talk about “let’s do this” “we should talk more” “we should hang out”, but
    never actually do anything about it. (similar to the first one)
  • will not offer many details about their social life; in other words have not
    considered you as part of their life

Reals –>

  • will invite you to events or places, and provide you with the details as well as
    give you a notice around 2 days or so before it happens to make sure you are still
  • even if you bail, or become busy, they will still considerate about asking you again
    to another event and see when your schedule is open
  • will tell you about their life and at times (depending on the person), will ask you
    for advice or suggestions, or just a person to listen to their problems
  • keep track of you in facebook, or any other social website you two use, as well as
    have phone conversations

Of course, this list is open for suggestions and edits, so it’s not perfect. This is what I
personally consider to be the key main points that differ the fakes from the real friends.
Although the next question would be, how to get rid of the fake ones.
This is is a little more delicate to deal with. I usually just stop talking to them slowly/
if they are friends with me on my facebook, i give it time until i don’t see them anymore in
real life anymore and then delete them/ still be polite when i see them wherever we run
into each other unexpectedly. Since they are fake to begin with, they are not going to mind
once you stop talking to them. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t worry. They will reveal their personalities slowly to you, or it may take you a while
to figure out the person. Either way, you will find out and know what to do.

This was originally posted on 28 January 2012


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