Darn That Popcorn

Originally Posted: Not sure the real date, but posted on blogspot on 8th of May, 2012, 4:49pm

Something that really gets on my nerves?
Those little pieces of food that gets stuck
between your teeth!
They’re so annoying; especially when you try so hard to take
it out, and it always seems to never come out!
Plus, it really is embarrassing when that food is stuck, and you
talk to your friends, maybe a boss/teacher here and there, and
no one seems to tell you until the end of the day!
(Well, this may only be to certain people. Others may have those
friends that always pin-point out your bad parts to “help you out”.)

So, what can you do about it?
First– ask someone who is close to you (not distance, but relation-
ship wise) if it’s really noticeable. You know, to make sure you’re
not the only going insane about that little piece of chicken between
your front teeth. xD
Second– those toothpicks that the restaurant provides are not good
for you! I recommend you walking to the bathroom, that way you
have a mirror to make sure it is not there anymore. You can do
this at home too! Guys don’t be ashamed. There’s nothing wrong
with going to the bathroom to look in the mirror. Everyone does it.
Third– ask again (if you skipped the first step), to reassure yourself
that it’s not there anymore.

Simple as that!

This post was originally posted 2 years ago.


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