Originally Posted: 8th of May 2012, 4:51pm

You know what really grinds my gears?


I hate how they come up every 15 minutes, and always tryto sell you something because apparently we can’t livewithout it.Maybe this country should learn from asia. Shows like inSouth Korea and Japan show maybe….3 commercials duringa 1 hour show. And so it doesn’t feel boring, there are 15

minute shows with no commercials between the longer shows.

If it wasn’t for the propaganda the media sends out everysecond, a real commercial would sound like this:Buy this, because we need to make money.Even though we say you need it,you really don’t but it would help if you bought it,so we can get a bigger paycheck in retail.

Buy it because we tell you to.

And forget about the fancy graphics and models theyadvertise; a real commercial would just be a pictureof what the product REALLY looks like with the price

written on the side.

Another thing that grinds my gears, is commercials alwaystargeting women and all the problems they have. Like mendon’t have problems either?!I mean, you don’t see commercials asking “is your penistoo small? does it curve the wrong way? is it not the rightcolor? don’t feel like the only person. now you can take…..”.Sociology speaking:It’s societys’ fault for teaching girls that they have to care

about what they look like in order to impress men.

Especially commercials about skin care and make-up.The commercials that talk about acne and pimples shouldreally target men! I can’t stress enough the number of timesthat I have seen a guy with bad acne! Apparently, mendon’t really care if they have acne. Yea, a guy can havea pretty face, but it’s not pretty anymore once you add

pimples to that equation.

For guys out there: seriously! take care of your skin! It’srare for girls to like men who have acne all over theircheeks and forehead. Actually use a cream every dayso ‘us girls’ don’t have to feel obligated to give youProActive as a present.

The make-up commercials are also just ridiculous! I includealso the ones about “using this cream because it makes youlook younger”.First of all, those “looking younger creams” are only theresult of using make-up in the first place! If women didn’twear buckets of plaque on their face, they wouldn’t have toworry about looking old when they’re 20 years old!I was actually shocked to see some women from The Viewshow ask if it’s bad to sleep with make-up on.!!!!!!! As ifmake-up really makes you more beautiful? Who decided that?Society! Commercials real message would be:Buy this make-up because we’re telling you what ‘real’beauty is like. While in the mean time, us men will enjoy itas long as you work on yourself 24/7.

For girls out there: Haven’t you realized that a lot of guyscan see through all that make-up?! I can’t tell you thestatistics of guys who like women with make-up versesguys who don’t; but seriously don’t be depended on itbecause men will just be wondering what you REALLYlook like. Why else would they joke about going to bedwith girls, but once the make-up and push-up bras are gone

it’s: who are you?

Second, the real voice of a make-up commercial sounds likethis: Buy this because you look ugly.It’s like there is always something wrong with our lives!Same with those commercials that try to sell medicine.Apparently I need to take this medicine because I weigh toomuch, have depression, don’t get enough vitamins, and will most likely have some problem with my organs and need a pill tofix everything.Hello?! Has America not heard of HERBS for crying out loud?!

This all goes back to the question: why do we need commercials?Actually we don’t. Before I used to think commercials were helpful,because if I needed to go to the bathroom or get something then thatwas the time to get up. But now that a lot of people have a DVR,you can just pause when you need to do something, or record it soyou don’t miss anything. Plus, at what time do people actually listenand believe commercials?They’re not helpful at all. They are ruining the minds of society,and blindsiding everyone to the utopia they create instead of the latentfunction.[Example of latent function: College is made to educate people,and find ‘soul-mates’. The part of soul-mates is a latent function.]



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