Are You From Abercrombie?

Originally Posted: 8th of May 2012, 4:47pm

     I still remember how an older man (and by older man I mean someone that looks in his 40’s and already has a kid) asked me if I was from Italy? Why did he ask? Because I was wearing a sweater that day that just happens to say “Italia” with huge letters in the front.
Most times I am nice to people even when they don’t realize what they’re saying, and this occasion is no different. I did have to tell the guy ‘No, I am not from Italy’, but the fact that it happened, I still haven’t forgotten. It really grinds my gears when people assume things based on what you wear. Assuming in general is an ignorant thing to do to begin with, but based on what you wear? Now, that is just plain silly.
If you saw a white guy walking down the street with a sombrero, would you tell him ‘Oh, I didn’t know you were mexican’ ? Obviously not. So why spread the idea to other people you don’t know?

    We don’t see little kids asking around “Are you from Abercrombie?”, “No, I’m from Toys R Us”! Yes, it is true that we go around with slogans that attract us or simple cartoons that appear to our liking, but we can’t assume that a person does this also. I could have simply borrowed clothes from my sister, or another person could have gotten older clothes from siblings that just happen to advertise hello kitty.
So, what do we say when we see things on peoples’ shirts or pants?
We may compliment the person by saying more or less “oh, that’s a cute shirt. where did you get it?”, but we don’t need to say anything more than this. Just leave the conversation, and move onto something else.
Or you don’t even need to say anything at all. Unless the person is asking you about your opinion, nothing needs to be said.
If you see a fat guy wearing hawaiian t-shirts all the time, do you ask him if he’s from hawaii? Of course not! (If you do, then you have a problem…) He probably just wears them because they fit. See, here is the other problem that causes people to assume. Too many of us make the situation more complex than what it really is. And after we analyze the situation and can’t come to an answer, that is when the question comes in.
Let’s stop this nonsense, and accept things for what they are. Think to yourself if that question is worth asking, and if you really need to know.

This post was previously posted 2 years ago.


    I have recently thought about this again, when I was wearing my mexico sweater yesterday. I wondered if people still think this way. If they do, that is very simplistic… 


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