5000 Questions Part 8

Originally Posted: 8th of May 2012, 5:02pm

701. What is your favorite mixed drink?
um….a piña colada. although i have other favorites too

702. When answering these questions are you often pulled in different directions,
as if committing to one answer eliminates the possibility for all others?
my answers are not one sided if that’s what you are asking about

703. Chicken Mesala, Pasta Primavera, Veal Cutlet Parmesan or Linguini with Clam Sauce?
i have no idea what you are talking about

704. If you were alone in your friend’s house/room/apartment would you look in their drawers and notebooks?
most likely. see if they have any interesting books. its that thing of looking at what people have that gives you more clues of the person they are.

705. What would you really like to do but you don’t because you are afraid of getting caught?
something im afraid of getting caught…..nothing then

706. Of the following, which word best describes you:

responsible: this one describes me in some ways

spontaneous: this one too, but it’s an extreme at some points

tactful: i dn’t know

uninhbited: i don’t know

707. Which band would you most likely check out? Beast

708. How can one put an end to procrastination, as a bad habit?
make it a good habit 😛

709. What feature would you want on your car that is not currently offered?
um…international radio for free

710. What kind of poetry speaks to you?
none thus far

711. What is your favorite store that is open 24 hours?
Family mart

712. Do you find that sleep is just so much sleepier when you are supposed to be doing something else?
i find myself sleepy when my body is telling me to sleep but instead i am doing something else

713. Do you also find that the books you chose are so much more luscious when you have a stack of actual assignments that you Should be reading?

714. If you have had the chance to compare the original 5000 Question Survey to this edited version, what is your opinion?
i canot give you my opinion. since i did not see the original version…

715. What’s the most creative answer you can think of for ‘what is black and white and red all over’?
a dead skunk?

716. Why do people slow down on the highway when they pass a cop car pulling someone else over?
cuz they are curious and want to peep in other peoples lives since their own are boring. they get pleasure from knowing other people’s drama

717. Are they afraid that the cop will STOP pulling over whoever he is pulling over and pull them over instead?
i dont know

718. It’s daddy’s birthday. What do you get him?
a box full of dog shit

719. What’s your 5,000 question survey nickname?

Look at the word next to the 2nd letter of your first name

A anything but

B bubalicious

C captivating

D deadly

E erotic  (O)

F funky

G greasy

H heaps of

I indie

J jelly

K kinetic

L lasher

M Mr. (or Mrs.)

N neglected

O ogre-like

P parading

Q quacking

R Rico

S stinky

T the one and only

U uber

V Velcro

W wishing for

X x-tra

Y yearning for

Z zoobalee

Now take the first letter of your last name.

A aardvarks

B baboo

C creme pie (O)

D drag queen

E eggbert

F flex

G god

H hell

I Isabelle

J juice

K kisses

L lightning

M mannish boys

N nice

O octopi

P porcupines

Q q-bert

R rainbows

S suave

T tushy

U underwear

V valor

W weenie

X xtc

Y yohimbe

Z zipper

Put the two words together for your nickname. = Erotic Creme Pie

720. You know that shaky feeling that you get when it’s all coming to a climax, and everyone involved is breaking into the good kind of cold sweat, working as individuals and at the same time as a single force of energy, and it all meshes together, and for a brief moment, you’re holding your breath and tingling all over, and after it’s done you’re on an explosive and dizzying high for the rest of the night? no i don’t know what you’re talking about

What does that feeling come from? i dont know

721. How many of your teachers can you imagine drinking or doing drugs on the weekends?
hmm…i can picture drinking thats for sure. but the doing drugs part im not so sure of

722. Do you like Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass?
yes. it’s very interesting as a logistic story. that’s why i bought it 😛

723. Write a question and answer it here.
If you could have a power what would it be? i want to know/speak/read/write in all animal languages including those that are extinct and present as well.

724. Who is your favorite playwright?
none thus far

725. What movie has come out recently that you couldn’t have less interest in?
there has been a lot lately that aren’t interesting at all

726. What would the worst movie ever be about?
friends with benefits. its a dead end story

727. Do you like truffles?
not really

Do you like Turkish delight?
i dont know what that is

728. Can you tell the difference between a transvestite and a real woman?
most times yes. its pretty obvious

729. What’s funnier, plants or fire extinguishers?
fire ex.

730. For question 720 did you write down sex?

You pervert, I was thinking of musical theater.

731. Which is better, leopard print or plaid?

732. What would you consider ordinary?
it depends really

733. What is out of the ordinary?
like i’ve said: it depends

734. Do you ever watch COPS?

735. Is there always room for j – e – l – l – o?

736. If you had your own TV show, what kind of show would you make it?
like a variety tv show/comedy drama

737. Do you know how heavy things like airplanes stay in the air?
there is proof

738. When do you act the most dramatic?
i dont usually act dramatic. my dog does though xD

739. Are you one of those people who have, “see photo id,” written on the back of their credit cards?

740. It’s mom’s birthday. What do you get her?
an awesome cafe machine

741. What celebrity has pretty much disappeared leaving you wondering ‘where are they now’?
i don’t knkow…

742. Would you get angry if you and your girl/boyfriend saw the preview for a movie and talked about seeing it together and then they saw it with one of their friends while you were busy?

743. How many people do you think will finish this whooooooole survey?
not that many

744. Have you ever written a message, sealed it in a bottle and thrown it into a river/lake ocean?
no. that’s litering

745. If you haven’t would you want to?

746. If you ever did what would you write?
i wouldn’t

747. What do you wish you could always be protected from?

748. What small thing annoys you so much it should be a crime?

749. Would you rather watch a video of fish in a tank, or the Yule log on TV?

750. Is it better to be loved or feared?

751. What causes you to panic?
not that many things. mostly on health issues and if something serious happens

752. Do you believe that you have a strong personality?
no not really

753. When Jesus saves souls…does he trade them in for valuable prizes?
i don’t believe in souls

754. What resolutions would you make if it were new years?
to have a good new year

755. Why wait?
because it wouldn’t be part of the new year..

756. Do you feel like time is on your side or working against you?
it depends on how you think about the concept of time

757. What do you do for yourself when you are down to put a little joy back into your life?
listen to music and drawing/painting/reading

758. How much Tolkien have you read?

759. These are the songs on the radio. Which are you most likely to listen to: none of them

Time Bomb by Rancid

Dead Man’s party by Oingo Boingo

The Sun Always Shines on TV by A-ha

50 Ways to leave Your Lover by Paul Simon

Run by collective Soul

760. Do you believe that Jesus existed as a real person?
that doesn’t really concern me as something to be concerned about.

761. Do you believe he was the son of god?

762. How do you feel about organized religion?
it’s organized?

763. What sentence have you heard lately, that would sound pretty odd out of context?
“she didn’t have any clothes”

763. If you had to choose one image to be a symbol of our times, what would you pick?
a circle

764. Name a group of people: arashi

765. How many of them does it take to screw in a light bulb?
2 maybe…

766. Do you like the movie The Labyrinth with David Bowie and some muppets?
i haven’t seen it

767. Do you like the movie The Dark Crystal?
didn’t see it

768. Metallica or Guns N’ Roses?

769. Do you follow the Chinese zodiac?

770. Do you like reggae music?

771. What makes your life worth it every day?
knowing that there are good caring people and knowing that i can make someone happier/smile

772. Do you seize each day and sink your teeth into it?
i like my teeth intact.

773. I’ve heard people say that Jim Morrison never yawned because he was just so full of life. How often do you yawn?
only when i’m really tired and haven’t gotten much sleep

774. Who decides what behavior is ‘crazy’ or ‘sane’?
you. and the society in which you are surounded by

775. Who are the most inspiring artists, musicians, poets, and writers?
tim burton, etc etc

776. Did anything historically significant happen in the year you were born?

777. Besides blowing out birthday candles when do you make wishes?
when i feel like it really

778. Are you self-sufficient?
i’m not sure?

779. Is it better to be wanted or needed?

780. What do you feel is an appropriate age to lose one’s virginity at?
it depends on your culture

781. Do you feel that the appropriate age for girls and for boys is different?

782. Are you a hard person to get to know?
yes. depending on who you are as well. i can figure out people rather quickly

783. What is the craziest thing you have ever done out of anger?
nothing thus far

784. What’s the MOST annoying sound you can think of?
little girls screaming (not for their lifes but for something meaningless)

785. What’s the silliest vegetable you can think of?

786. Do you believe in love at first sight?

787. Name one thing you have referred to in the past as “better than sex”:
i’ve never refered to something like that

788. What do you see when you turn out the light?
fuzzy colors with black

789. Do you like jazz, blues and/or swing music?

790. Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry?

791. In what ways do you want your children to be like you?
in many ways

792. In what ways would you want your children to be different from you?
i’d rather them be mini minions. jaja

793. What was the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

794. What was the funniest movie you’ve ever seen?
i dont remember

795. What was the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
none thus far

796. Are you a good massage-giver?
i dont know

797. What is one question that no one can ever truthfully answer ‘yes’ to?
do you know who you are at all times?

798. Is there more to this world than human beings can perceive?

799. If matter is neither created nor destroyed then is it possible that you are made up of molecules that once made up Ghandi or Jesus or Einstein?
i don’t think so. but molecules go through a cycle. i think you have misunderstood how molecules work.

800. Are you often sarcastic?
at times but not often


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