5000 Questions Part 2

Originally Posted: 8th of May 2012, 4:57pm

101. What does happiness/joy feel like physically?
when you can’t control yourself from jumping or smiling, or just acting silly

102. List five people you love starting with the one you love the absolute most.

A) Lucy

B) Ma

C) Joaquinito

D) …

E) …

103. How many movies have you gone to see this month?
2: Harry potter and the deathly hollows part 2 and The rise of the planets of the apes

104. If you could have 3 wishes…but none of them could be for yourself, what would you wish for?
for my ma not to get cancer while she is alive, for my dog to live longer, and for me and my ma to have more money (legally)

105. In what ways do you relax and de-stress when you are really tense?
umm…probably on fridays and weekends. Especially saturday!!!

106. How much money would it take to get you to drive to school naked in the springtime and get out of the car?
900 Billion dollars

107. Have you ever killed an animal?

108. Have you ever lost someone close to you?
hmmm…no not really

109. What do you think of cloning?
its awesome . although some religious groups take it was too extreme and base it on ideas they don’t understand and have misinterpreted

110. Do you read or watch TV more often?
i read ALOT! but not much TV. i can live without tv actually.

111. With all this talk of terrorism going around are you willing to sacrifice rights and freedoms for increased safety?
no way

112. What is the punishment you would come up with for Osama Bin Laden if you caught him alive?
death, but with a proper burial. i know he was kind of …nuts, but everyone deserves a proper ceremony

113. Have you ever named an individual part of your body?

114. Have you ever been on the radio or on TV?

115. Have you ever won a lottery, or sweepstakes?

116. Have you ever won a contest or competition?
yup. i have won a few

117. Do you like to watch The Joy of Painting show with Bob Ross (check out this link if you don’t know who he is. Also please note me if you notice the link is broken)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Ross_(painter)?
i’ve seen him twice, and i fell asleep twice. xD but honestly, i do like oil painting myself. but i dont like watching someone do it.

118. Do you know what your grandparents and your great grand parents did for a living?
have sex? work?

119. Is there anything really interesting in your family history?
no not really

120. Is there anyone you trust completely?
yup ^^> my dog muchi^^

121. Have you ever lost someone without having the chance to say goodbye?

122. How do you feel about women in politics?
nothing new

123. Would you rather have an indoor Jacuzzi or an outdoor pool?
outdoor pool

124. What things are you interested in that you study or read about on your own?
hmm…anything that has to do with philosophy, culture, japan, languages/linguistics, and…..i think that’s it.

125. Would you consider yourself to be intelligent?

no not really

126. Would you consider yourself to be wise?


127. Have you ever given or received a lap dance?

128. Have you ever spoken to a homeless person?

129. Would you ever creep into the subway tunnels to go exploring?
no. the subway tunnels in chicago are creepy and dirty.

130. If you could add 70 years to your life but only by making some random person die 70 years sooner would you?

131. Can you finish any of the following lyrics?

A: Nothing to kill or die for…

B: Late comings with the late comin’ stretcher…

C: I could make a film and make you my star…

132. Were you ever with someone while they died?

133. Would you rather be a world political leader or a rock star?
world political leader

134. Have you ever given someone a love letter that you wrote?
yea. although…i got rejected. >  3>

135. Have you ever sent someone a surprise through the mail?

136. Are you looking forward to any concerts right now?
no…the last one i went to was Utada Hikaru. that was awesome

137. Of all animated movies, which is the best one you’ve ever seen?
Ponyo. i gotta say, ghibli studios make some really good stories.

138. What are the best bands or songs to listen to while driving?
anything really as long as it’s not a slow song since that makes me sleepy

139. What do you think is the most amazing thing that anyone has ever accomplished?
believing that everyone has to like them and believing that everything has to be their way. that is truly awestruck–ing.

140. What could a member of the opposite sex do to impress you?
dance with me and show me you know how to merengue , and salsa. i’m puerto rican.

141. About how many emails do you get a day?
maybe 2 or 3. it depends on what is happening too.

How many of those emails are junk mail?
1. i spam all junk mail

How many of them are forwards?

142. What’s your favorite thing to do online besides write in your diary?
first –> i dont have a diary. if i did, it would be a book heavily hidden in my closet.

143. Do you believe Kurt Cobain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_Cobain) killed himself or was it a conspiracy?
i dont know who that was

144. Have you ever though about hitchhiking across the country?
no. u.s is boring

145. Who would you bring with you on this kind of a road trip?
no one. if they wanna do it, go ahead

146. Of the following, which word best describes you: accurate, bold,charming, dependable?

147. If you are single, at about what age do you think you will be ready to settle down and get married?
maybe in my 30’s? or late 20’s? although this ‘settling down’ concept is foreign to me.

148. Do you often wonder, when you say goodbye to people, if it is the last time you will ever see them?
yes. that is why i never say goodbye. i’m the person who will talk to you like it was another day and say “see you later”

149. What movie are you most looking forward to seeing when it comes out?
i’ve already seen them: Rise of the planets of the apes & Harry potter deathly hollows part 2

150. What is your quest?
beat the dragon emperor

151. What is louder and more annoying: 200 adults talking or one four-year-old screaming?
4 yr olds screaming
152. Do you believe the stories about planes, boats and people mysteriously disappearing into the Bermuda triangle?

153. Who are you the most jealous of?
my friend who got a job in japan. not because of the job he got, but because he can now live there.

154. What is the happiest way you can start your day?
waking up

155. Do you ever have moments where you feel like everything is all right in the world?
yup. and most times that happens when i’m asleep ^^

156. Who thinks that you are offensive?
i dont know…

157. If you had to teach a class in something, what would you be able to teach people?
philosophy  or maybe japanese once i level up high enough

158. Have you ever had a spiritual experience (an experience that cannot be explained by science)?

159. Do you believe that this experience was truly mystical or do you think there is some scientific explanation for it, only you don’t know what it is?
i’ve had special events happen in my life but i don’t consider them ‘mystical’

160. Do you get offended easily?

161. Would you still love and stay with your signifigant other if he or she had to have a breast or testicle removed?

162. Do you believe in fate or free will?
fate? im’ not sure.  free will? this concept is foreign to me

163. Do you believe that only boring people get bored?
no. people choose to be bored

164. Can life change or are we all stuck in vain?
life changes every day

165. What changes are you afraid of?
not getting the life i want for my future

166. Are you a day person or nocturnal?
im an afternoon person

167. What one CD could you listen to for an entire week (no mixed CD’s, it must be an album)?
probably Salyu

168. Which is worse, working in retail, food service, or an office?
food service

169. What’s the coolest job you ever had?

170. What is one central idea that your thoughts seem to come back to?
live to your principles

171. Have you ever wanted to be an actor/tress?

172. If you had the power to control one person and make this person do anything you wanted for a whole day, who would you pick and what would they do?
i would pick my dad, and make him put all his life savings and any money that he does not need for daily actions, and send them to me via mail

173. What star sign are you and what is your sign like?
I’m the horse (or sagitarius for western peoples). um….it looks like a horse. xD

174. Did the Blair Witch Project scare you?
this is foreign to me

175. Are you in constant fear of death?
hell no

176. Does fear of death keep you from building a life?
hell no

177. Do you like all your movies to be in wide-screen?

no. i can compromise

178. Are you a fan of any comic books?
duh. manga!! although manhwa is a bit too…..dramatic? for me

179. At what age did you attend your first funeral?
i havent attended one thus far

180. What do you smell like (lotion, cologne, sweat)?
clean soap

181. What are your greatest sources for wisdom?

182. When you were little, where did your parents tell you babies come from?
that was not something that came to mind for me. i just found out.

183. What is your favorite band?

184. What’s the best cheesy 80’s song?
i dont know

185. What’s the best kind of movie to see on a date?
any that both people both enjoy

186. Do you like to sit in the front, middle or back of the Movie Theater?

187. Have you ever been inside an abandoned building?

188. Under what circumstances would you agree to work for free?
that i have humain rights, i get 90% of the earned pay, i have the option to work from home, have paid holidays (including religious ones regarding my own religion), equal pay from those who have penises and vaginas, are not capitalist, have plenty of diversity (not including all americans), can recieve bonuses and or a raise, can earn a sabbatical depending on an amount of time….actually i wouldn’t work for free. xD because then it wouldn’t be called work. it would be called volunteering.

189. Candles or strobe lights?

190. Do you think the Lord of the Rings movies are true to the books or did Hollywood change the story too much?
i dont know. i didnt see those movies nor read the books

191. When you see a stranger on the street does your first reaction lean towards thinking of this person as a potential friend or as a potential threat?
as a potential annoyance.

192. Is it natural for human beings to fear and distrust each other, or is it cultural?
cultural. although everyone has some degree of fear and distrust. but these are all based on your culture

193. What do you really want to buy?
a house in viequez

194. You have to choose. Would you be happier marrying someone rich for their money or living in the streets and subway tunnels with someone you love?
marrying someone rich for their money, since they probably would not care much about me. for the time being, i can do the expensive things i’ve been thinking of doing. like traveling and seeing the world!!!! i’m sure the partner wouldn’t mind that.

195. If someone wanted to understand you what book could they read that would help?

none. there are no books out there that express my history and how i feel

196. Do you think it’s odd that Americans have freedom of religion and yet call themselves ‘one nation under god’?
no because americans are hypocrites like that. in u.s there is no clear and definite separation of religion and government.

197. In what sense are you a minority?
i’m not. because this term can change depending on where i am, who i am with, and other variables like what I do.

198. Are you anti social?
at times yes.

199. Do you photograph well?
i would say so.

200. Do you think that human beings would survivor through a nuclear winter?
hahaha. your funny.


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